10 Must-Have iPhone Apps For 2021 – Download Them Free Now

10 Must-Have iPhone Apps For 2021 – Hello guys, what’s up I hope you are all fine. so guys as you all know that the current year is going to end and of course, in the new year, you need some helpful apps. so I’ve come with 10 must-have iPhone apps that you can download directly from the app store. all the apps you can download free and I am sure that these apps are going to be very useful in your new year. so let’s go ahead and let me tell you about each app.

10 Must-Have iPhone Apps For 2021

1: System Activity Monitors


This is the app that allows you to see your device’s information regarding battery, RAM, Storage, etc. once you open it then you will see memory in use or free memory on the home screen of the app. but if you tap on the three lines at the left corner then you will see more options.


1: Battery Info
2: Disk Info
3: Device Info
4: Info
5: Premium Features

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2: FotorGear (Must-Have iPhone Apps)

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This is one of the best camera apps that I’ve come across in the last few days. it is fully manual you can control everything on the camera manually with this app. so when you open the app then you will find all the different tools. you will have the shooter, focus, ISO, shutter speed, white balance as well. also, you can go ahead and control the white balance of your device and you can add filters. you can zoom in and out and change the camera.

In the video recording section, you can change the frames per second and you can change the resolution of the video. anything you want can be manually controlled with this app, which is of course really really awesome. so if you want to shoot photos based on everything that you need shutter speed, ISO, white balance, & anything then this is the app for you and of course the best thing the app is totally free.

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3: Juiced – Make Video Game Clips

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Juiced is a fantastic app that allows you to easily edit your video. So let me tell you what you will get in this app.

1: You can add some video clips and rearrange them.
2: You can add a transition & different effects.
3: You can add gifs & photos.
4: You can add text.
5: You can add audio.
6: You can record a voice if you want to add a commentary to a video or something like that.
7: Also, you can add music.

Once you’re done with that, then you will have the little download button and the video will be saved under the camera roll of your device.

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4: TOV – Video Caption Editing

New Apps For iOS 14

Next up we have another video editing app but this one is kind of different. this one allows you to add captions & text to your videos. so once you have loaded the video then you will have an option to add a caption or add text. the text can basically track faces so if you have a face on a video and you want to add some text or something that will track that face then you can do it with this app.

Now, if you want to add a caption then you can add a caption and choose the style of the caption. of course, you can adjust the length & the time of the caption on your video. you can add captions & text to any of your videos and once you’re done then you just tap on the download symbol to save the video.

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5: Moloko – Themes & Icons

Must-Have iPhone Apps

This app allows you to install themes on your ios 14 devices. you can install icons it will directly open the app. this is a new feature with ios 14.3 which will be released very very soon. The app is simple and very easy to use. if you open the app then you will have trending themes, you will have all the different themes, you will have the new themes. so if you want to download one of them then tap on anyone that you like. it will also show you the icons for the system apps or for the third-party apps.

So to download, tap the little download button and it will take you to the website. it will ask you to install a profile on your device so click on allow, and it will install a profile on your device. now once you go to the settings of your device then you will see the profile right there. so just go ahead and install it and then you will have all the different icons on your device. you can tap on any icon and it will open the app without adding any of the different animations and or redirection and all that it will directly open the app.

Now once you want to remove one of the themes that you have installed then just go to the profile under the general settings remove the profile and you’re good to go. the theme has been removed from your device.

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6: Simec Weather (Must-Have iPhone Apps)

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It’s is a beautiful app I really like the design of this one. now if you open the app then it will show you the current city & weather on the home screen. of course, you can add any city that you want. in the menu section, you will have the ability to add any city you want. once you added any city then it will show you the current weather of the current location or city that you have added and also it will show you the hourly report.

So you’ll have like the weather forecast for the complete week. now if you can go to tomorrow’s forecast then it will show you the hourly report for tomorrow and the next days as well. you can see all the different details you need to know regarding tomorrow then you will have another section for the old days. if you just want to see all the other days then you will find them on the app.

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7: Wallpapers: Black & Dark

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This is an amazing wallpaper app that offers wallpapers that have a dark theme to them which look beautiful especially on OLED devices. in the app, you will have different categories of wallpapers from which you can choose according to you.

Now some of the wallpapers are paid you will have to pay like a premium membership. but a lot of them are free and you can go ahead and easily download them to your device. to download, all you need to do is just go ahead and open the wallpaper then tap on the download button and you’re good to go. it will be saved on your device.

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8: Watch Faces Gallery HD

Must-Have iPhone Apps

If you have an apple watch then you must have this app. it offers a bunch of different wallpapers to create beautiful watch faces for your apple watch. it has a ton of different categories which you can pick and of course explore them.


  1. Customize your Watch with a stunning Faces.
  2. Optimized for Apple Watch.
  3. Explore various categories.
  4. Check Preview Mode.
  5. Choose and install your favorite.

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9: LinkMemo (Must-Have iPhone Apps)

LinkMemo For iPhone

If you have links that you want to save and you need them for later then this is the app for you. of course it’s very simple and easy to use. this app is really useful especially when you want to save links that can be helpful to your school/work-life, When you want to collect news article links, When you want to collect useful sites, & When you want to save and organize other links, etc.

If you are the kind of person who does web surfing frequently, Who likes classification, & Who wants to record links quickly then you should definitely download this app.


  1. Export a CSV file.
  2. Copy and paste the link from the clipboard
  3. Classify link according to tag
  4. The user assigns the name of the tag
  5. 3d touch(shortcuts)

In this app, you will find more features after using it.

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10: Calculisy

Must-Have iPhone Apps

calculus, this is the last app actually for the article. it is a simple calculator app. but I see a lot of people enjoy this new app. now what I like about it is that when you’re doing something like a calculation then it will show you everything that you have entered right there. so you can see everything that you have entered all the numbers everything right there and you will have a little share button. at the top of the app, you will see the results. so you can see the complete everything that you have entered and at the top, you will see just the results. so of course an extra feature that you won’t find on the stock calculator app of your iPhone.

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The Conclusion

So these are the 10 must-have iPhone apps that you must download on your device in 2021. I hope you guys enjoyed the article and hopefully you will find these apps helpful. of course, if you want to download any of them then make sure you go ahead and check out the given link of each app. I’ve left all app’s links in the article. if you like this post then don’t forget to share it with your friends and on social media and also please visit daily on this website for reading new and helpful articles.