10 iPhone 11 Apps – Must-have iPhone apps list for iPhone 11

10 iPhone 11 Apps – Are you going to buy a brand new iPhone 11 or already using it then I want to tell you that 10 essential iPhone apps are waiting for you.

We all know that the iPhone 11 features & hardware is more powerful than recent Macbooks.

But if you want to make it more powerful then don’t forget to install these must-have iPhone apps 2019.

So let’s go ahead and have a look at these iPhone 11 apps and I’m sure once you know about them then you will definitely use any of them.

10 iPhone 11 Apps

1: Wunderfind – Find Lost Device 

Find Lost Device 

Wunderfind, this app allows you to find Bluetooth devices near you. so you lost your Apple Watch, another iPhone, & your iPad then all you gotta do is just launch this app.

Of course, you will need to have Bluetooth turned on and then it will scan for devices.

So if you lost any of your devices and you have it around your home somewhere in your room then you can just go ahead and move and then it will, of course, find those Bluetooth devices.

If you go close to your device then it will show you the strength of the signal. so of course once you get closer to the device the signal will be way bigger.

Now once you find your device then you can tap on ‘I found it’ or you can tap on the three dots that you will have at the top right corner.

Find Lost Device 

Where you can go ahead and see the name of the device, you can also rename it and of course you can add that device to your list. so a really cool a very simple UI of the app and of course it is free.

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2: PS Lightroom – Photo Editing App Pro

Photo Editing App Pro

Photoshop Lightroom, this is the must-have app for photo editing. of course, the app is free and it offers a bunch of tools.

So once you have loaded a picture you can go ahead and basically customize it & edit any way you like. It pays attention to the uploaded picture whether it is straight or not and if no, then it will automatically straighten that picture for you.

It has a ton of different filters to your pictures and of course, you can change the amount the effect of the filter with the given slider.

Also, it has auto light, auto edit, where you can change the light, the exposure of the highlights, contrast, & much more.

Next, you will have different effects and you can add details, you can add sharpening, and all that stuff.

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3: VUE – A Good Video Editor App

A Good Video Editor App

Now that app was for editing pictures and this one is for editing videos. it’s an amazing app it has basically all the features that you will find on a video editor on your PC like you can mute the video, you can trim the video as easy as that.

You can change the speed of the video so like you can make it slower or you can even make it four times faster and of course it has also like a few other options.

So you can change the filters, you can add like different filters, you can go ahead and adjust the brightness, you will have the contrast, & everything.

You can reverse the video and you can go ahead and add also text, you can add a date or a place or a tag or a caption anything you want to that video and of course, you will also have different stuff different like stickers and all that stuff.

It’s really really cool like a very very complete app to edit any video that you want. VUE is like you would do professionally on your PC.

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4: Simple Transfer – Transfer Pictures & Videos

Transfer Pictures & Videos

It allows you to easily move pictures and videos from your iPhone to your PC or from your PC to your iPhone. now you will have two options, you can download the simple transfer app on your PC or you can just use any web browser.

So with the web browsers, all you need to do is just go ahead and add that IP address on the web browser.

Of course, you will need to have your PC and your iPhone both connected to the same Wi-Fi network and then just go ahead open that IP address and you will just see everything on your browser and of course you can download pictures from your iPhone to your PC and upload from your PC to your iPhone using this app and of course all of them will be saved under the camera roll of your iPhone and that’s really really amazing.

Transfer Pictures & Videos

It also has another option, if you have two devices on the same network both having this app installed then just open the app and then select the devices tab and then you can just send pictures and videos from one device to another.

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5: Fonts – Add New Fonts to iPhone 11

Add New Fonts to iPhone 11

Fonts, this app will add a ton of new fonts to your device. now there has been a similar app to this and it also is called fonts. but this is a new one and it will add a ton of new fonts to your device.

So what you gotta do just go to the keyboard on the settings. go to settings then go to general then go to the keyboard and go to keyboards tap add a new keyboard and add that keyboard ‘fonts’.

Add New Fonts to iPhone 11

Now, what you need to do just go ahead and basically use font keyboard from your stock keyboard. just tap on the globe and you can switch to the font’s keyboard.

It looks exactly the same as the stock keyboard of iOS but at the top right there you will have a ton of new fonts to choose from.

It actually adds quite a lot of fonts if you tap on the little arrow then you will see a list of all your fonts and of course you can go ahead and use them. now most of the fonts are free and some are paid as well but most of them will be free.

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6: Clean Master – Free up Space on iPad & iPhone

Free up Space on iPad & iPhone

This is a must-have app if you want to basically free up space on your device. now we all have like a ton of pictures, screenshots, and stuff that we don’t actually need but they’re just staying there on our iPhones and taking up space.

This app will help you find the pictures that are like duplicates contacts that don’t have numbers or don’t have names and also other stuff like large videos and all that and help you to clean them from your device.

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7: Reverse Image Search App – Best Image Search App for iPhone

Best Image Search App for iPhone

It allows you to basically reverse search for an image. all you need to do is just upload an image from the camera roll of your device or just use the camera to take a picture and then you can search for that image on Google.

It also gives you a few options right there it will have Google & Bing as well right there. you can go to the images and then you will find similar images to that one.

So it’s easiest that you can search for any image on Google or Bing using this app called image search.

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8: Snapseed – Edit Pictures for Social Media

Edit Pictures for Social Media

Nowadays all of us share a lot of stuff on social media like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, & everywhere. of course, we need to edit our pictures.

Snapseed is a must-have app & it’s absolutely free and it offers a ton of different tools that you can use to edit your pictures. you’ll have a ton of different filters that you can apply to your pictures.

Also, this app has a ton of different tools that you can choose to customize and edit your picture. so basically it’s really really awesome everything can be done directly from the app.

So you can customize any picture you want any way you like by adding given awesome filters and of course, using some awesome tools that this app has offer and again this app is totally free.

Also, you will be able to save that picture on your camera roll or of course share it anywhere you want.

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9: Percentage Calculator App – New Calculator App for iPhone

iPhone 11 apps

It will calculate the percentages of numbers, so you can basically calculate any percentage of any number.

Just add any number, add any percentage and it will calculate any percentage for you. so anything you need any percentage that you need to calculate you can do that easily with this free app.

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10: Fraction Calculator Plus

iPhone 11 apps

This one is really really good, you will have like 3 number pads. the first one, of course, you can add like the regular numbers, and then when you want to add the fractions then you can basically use the other 2 number pads.

So basically anything you can calculate any fraction that you want very very easily with this calculator app which is of course for free as well.

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The Conclusion: Best iPhone Apps Free

If you are using an iPhone 11 and don’t have these awesome daily use apps on it then please don’t think just go ahead and download these 10 iPhone 11 apps right now. of course, some of them you also can download on the older iDevices. but in my opinion, these are best for brand new iPhone 11. I hope you like these apps and if you like them then please don’t forget to share this article.