Top 10 best iPhone apps 2019 – Download them free from app store

Top 10 best iPhone apps 2019 – Bought a new iPhone? then I have something interesting for you. I have researched and tested to find 10 essential apps and you must try them on your iPhone. these all the top 10 best iPhone apps you can download directly from the app store and you can download them free. so let’s go ahead and have a look at these best apps 2019 and also I’ll tell you about each app one by one.

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Top 10 best iPhone apps 2019

1: Reverse Image Search App

Reverse Image Search App is that app that allows you to search for an image on Google or Bing. all you gotta do is just upload an image from your camera roll or from the camera app and once you have uploaded your image then it will search Google or Bing for that image.

Reverse Image Search App

2: Picphin – Screenshot Stitching

Picphin – Screenshot Stitching, this app allows you to merge a few screenshots into one. so all you gotta do is just open the camera roll select your screenshots and it will merge them into one.

Picphin – Screenshot Stitching

3: Up: Instant File Sharing

Up: Instant File Sharing is an app that allows you to easily share your photos, videos, contacts or documents. all you gotta do is just select any of them that you want to share and just tap the share button. now, what it does is that it creates a link and you can just go ahead basically copy that link send it to someone and they can download that document from that link.

Up: Instant File Sharing

4: Firefox Focus: Privacy browser

Firefox Focus: Privacy browser, it’s totally focused on privacy. so it’s very easy to use and the interface of the browser is pretty simple. just go ahead and open something right there and once you’re done then all you gotta do is just tap on the three dots that you will see at the search and it will delete everything on the browser’s history.

Firefox Focus: Privacy browser

5: XE Currency

XE Currency is a very useful app that you can use to convert different currencies. it will show you the latest currency rates right there. it updates automatically and you can convert different currencies from different countries.

XE Currency

6: Speak4Me – Text to Speech

Speak4Me – Text to Speech is an app that allows you to enter any text that you want to hear and it will read it for you. so all you gotta do is just type any text you want or just basically paste any text you want and just tap the play button and then it will go ahead and read that text for you.

Speak4Me – Text to Speech

7: QR Code Reader

QR Code Reader is an app that allows you to scan QR codes. of course, you can also do that with the stock camera app of iOS. but with this app installed, you can also scan QR codes from pictures & you can do barcodes as well and of course, you will have your history as well so every QR code that you scanned will be saved right there under the history and you can also create your own QR codes.

QR Code Reader

8: iTranslate Converse

iTranslate Converse is an app that allows you to speak anything you want in a language and it will instantly translate it to another language.

iTranslate Converse

9: Meme Machine

Meme Machine is a fun app that allows you to create your own memes. it has a bunch of memes to choose from and then you can customize them any way you like. you can add your own text, picture of you, your emojis & anything you want and make these memes your own.

Meme Machine

10: Universal Remote TV Smart

Universal remote tv smart is an app that allows you to basically control any TV from your iPhone. so all you gotta do is just make sure you connect your TV. you will have to have your iPhone and TV on this same Wi-Fi network and then you will have all the commands and from here you can control your TV smart TV, of course, using your iPhone.

Universal remote tv smart

The Conclusion: Best iPhone apps 2019

So guys these the top 10 best iPhone apps of 2019. of course, all of them you can download free from the app store. hope you guys enjoyed the article and also I hope you like these 10 best iPhone apps and if you like them then please don’t forget to share it and also visit daily on this website for reading more new and helpful articles like this one.