New iPhone App That Lets You Capture Bokeh Video Like a Pro

Record Bokeh Video on iPhone With New iPhone App – If you want to shoot bokeh video on your iPhone then there is an app called Focos Live that allows you to capture Bokeh video free.

Of course, iPhone introduced portrait or bokeh mode in 2016 with the launch of the iPhone 7. but still bokeh video feature is missing on iPhone.

At that time, both these modes were available only on iPhone, but now you will get these modes on the other device as well and you will also get the feature of shooting Bokeh videos which is still not available on the iPhone.

But the app, about which I am going to tell you is an alternative way to capture bokeh video on iPhone. of course, you can download this app directly from the app.

So now let me tell you about the app and also, I’ll leave a link of the app below that will redirect you on the download page, from where you can download that app.

Focos Live! The New iPhone App

Once you’ve downloaded this app then you will get a professional video editor and focus that you can use after shooting videos.

Focos Live will give you amplified flexibility, a master class video editing capability, and more functionality that you can’t get on any App that you may have tried before.

It has come with adjustment layers and keyframe layers for all options and easily navigable options for beginners and experts.

When it comes to computational photography then Focos Live is the next big thing With the functionality of taking portrait videos with a wide aperture and bokeh effect for dual-camera & triple camera iPhone.

There is no limit to customization so you can customize any portrait video that you create with Focos Live, and also you can change the aperture as many times as you wish.

This new iPhone app is really amazing but the only bad thing about it is that to use its all features you have to pay some money then you can access its all features. but you can use basic features free of the app and once you like it then you can buy its subscription.

Download Focos Live From Here

Features of Focos Live:

  • It allows you to taking videos with the aperture up to f/1.4.
  • There is an amazing called video stabilizer that will remove the shaking issue for all your videos.
  • Blur, Bokeh, Mask, and Tilt-shift effects.
  • It has a standalone audio editor that allows you to managing music and sounds.
  • If you are a iPhone 12 pro & iPad pro then it has some essential tool for you with LiDAR.
  • Every iPhone & iPad users must-have Focos Live app on their device.
  • You can adjustment layer for each option.
  • Speed ramping and video reverse capability will help you to creating custom-made videos.
  • Eligible for importing 3DL and CUBE files as custom files.
  • To tracking object and aperture size, Focus point continuous change functionality.
  • You can fit at least 4 different videos on a single screen with Multi-layer feature.
  • For exporting videos as screenshot, animated GIF, or 4K&60fps, It has an amazing video export feature.
  • With the help of multi-choice simulated aperture diaphragms, it will generat different bokeh spot effects.
  • And last but least, it has portrait video-capable, with depth data on dual camera, triple camera, LiDAR and front Face ID camera.

These are not all the features of the app but I am sure that you’ll get know its all features after using so download it now.

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The Conclusion:

So that’s it for this article guys. now you all can shoot a bokeh video on your iPhone & iPad with the new iPhone app. as I said, iPhone doesn’t have its own bokeh video capture feature till then you can use this amazing app and I hope the iPhone will have this feature as soon as possible.

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