How To Make iPhone Faster – Boost Up Speed of Your Any iPhone – 2021

How To Make iPhone Faster – Using an iPhone but not happy with the speed performance? then don’t worry just follow the tips & tricks given in this article and you will find out the solution. if we talk about iPhone 12 then no one can beat it because it comes with Apple A14 Bionic which is a 64-bit ARMv8.5a system on a chip (SoC). but if you are using old iPhones and want to increase speed performance like iPhone 12 then this article will help you. so just read the article till the end without skipping any point.

These 10 tips will help you to speed up any slow iPhone. these are especially important for older devices. so if you have an older iPhone and you feel like it’s running slower than it should then these tips and tricks will make sure that it runs much much smoother.

There are some things in iPhone which makes iPhone slower so if you change them then you will get better performance than before. so let’s jump into the post and see how we can do it.


How To Make iPhone Faster

1: Manage Siri Settings  ( Insert Photo )

The first thing you will need to do is go to your settings and go to Siri and search. now on your iPhone of course all the time you will get suggestions from Siri. because Siri all the time learning from apps and working in the background.

So what you will find in Siri & search is Siri suggestions. so you will find suggestions while searching, on the lock screen, on the home screen, and when sharing.

Make iPhone Faster

You can of course leave this enabled or disabled. but if you go down then you will find a list of all the apps that you have on your device. now Siri is always learning in the background from these apps.

Make iPhone Faster

If you tap one of the apps then it will show you a button that says learn from this app, show suggestions from apps, suggest app, show app in search, and all that.

So all these apps that you have on your device Siri is always working with them and learning from those apps.

Of course, there might be apps that are not really that important to you. but of course they will consume CPU power on your device.

Every time you’re doing something Siri basically suggestions from different apps and stuff like that. so make sure you go ahead and take a look at the list and disable all the different switches for the apps that you don’t actually care about.

2: Free Up Device Storage

A huge thing when it comes to iPhone performance is always having enough free space. if you’re always running low on space on your device then your device will not run as it should.

I suggest that you have at least 20 percent of the storage on your iPhone free all the time. now what you can do about this is of course go to general and go to iPhone storage and here you will find a list of all your apps and your stuff that you have on your iPhone and you can see whichever is taking more space on your device.

So you can see here all the different apps. you can see how much space they’re taking on the device. so just delete Unnecessary apps & other stuff you don’t need them & which are taking more space.

Manager Camera Settings

Now if we go back another thing you can do about this is go to your camera settings and when you go to a camera make sure that you choose the right format to take less space on your device.

Now if you go to formats then you will find high efficiency make sure you choose this the photos will be much much smaller and also don’t use apple pro raw that will take a lot of space.

When you go to record video, now this is important. so if you choose 4k 60 frames per second this will be the biggest file like one minute it will take like 400 megabytes.

Now if you’re just watching your videos on your iPhone and nowhere else especially if you have an older iPhone then I suggest you just shoot at 1080p.

Basically you one notice the difference if you’re just watching the videos on your device and of course if you have a 4k monitor and all that then it’s cool it can go to 4k.

But if you’re just watching them on your iPhone you can save a ton of space by just recording at 1080p.

3: Turn Off Automatically Apps Update

Now with iOS 14, we have now a newly redesigned section on the settings app. it is called app store if you go here you will find apps and app updates and you will also have here automatic downloads on cellular data.

All of these basically will happen automatically if you have these enabled. now if you have an older device and if you’re performing a task or maybe playing a game or something like that and these are working automatically in the background apps are being downloaded or updated and installed of course that will take CPU power will probably heat up your device and you won’t have such a good experience because your device will slow down as it heats up.

So make sure you go ahead and turn these off and then of course you can just update your apps whenever you need to manually.

Of course, don’t leave them without being updated, update them. but just do that manually whenever you have free time or you’re not doing anything else on your device.

4: Don’t Close The Apps From App Switcher Which You Use Most

Here is the thing that has been a myth for years and of course there’s a lot of controversies about whether you should do it or not according to Apple and of course they probably are the people we should listen to in this case you should not close apps from the app switcher.

Now, if you have apps on the app switcher and if you just open them then they’re right there where you left them and you can just go on and continue the app.

If you close the app then it will basically start the app from the beginning. the iPhone will have to reload completely the app that way it takes much more CPU power and of course it will take way longer.

So the apps that you use daily probably your social media stuff like that you probably use all of these apps all the time during the day don’t close them from the app switcher leave them there your iPhone will manage them and you will have them ready to go whenever you need them.

5: Manage Notifications ( How To Make iPhone Faster)

Now something really important when it comes to your iPhone’s performance & as well as battery life and data consumption is notifications. notifications will actually destroy your iPhone just not actually physically destroy your iPhone.

But they take a lot of CPU power a lot of battery and of course they will light up the screen all the time and it will also consume a lot of data. so you need to really manage your notifications.

So make sure you manage your notifications the right way don’t have notifications coming in all the time on your iPhone.

Make sure you go to settings go to notifications and choose here for which apps you want to have notifications on and make sure as I said to leave them on only for apps that you need too.

6: Remove Unnecessary Widgets (How To Make iPhone Faster)

A new thing with iOS 14 is the home screen widgets. so if you have added a ton of different widgets then your iPhone will consume way more CPU power.

Because widgets will refresh in the background & they will maybe some of them even use your location, weather information, & stuff like that.

So if you keep a ton of different widgets enabled on your device they will consume CPU power and battery as well.

So what you need to do is always make sure to check these out and just choose the ones that you actually need and are useful to you and don’t just leave a bunch of widgets enabled on the home screen.

7: Close Unused Safari Tabs (How To Make iPhone Faster)

There is something we do daily on our iPhone is browse the internet and of course on your iPhone, you probably do that with safari. the safari will run much much slower if you have a ton of tabs opened on safari.

So what you need to do is actually make sure that you manage your tabs on safari. just close them don’t leave like hundreds of different tabs open in the background.

Now with ios 13, Apple has included a new feature that is actually really useful you go to settings you go to safari and from here you can actually choose to automatically close the tab.

So if you go under the tab section here you will have closed tabs and you can choose here after one day, one week, or one month. I suggest you do that every day if you use safari a lot then do that every day.

You don’t actually need to care about the tabs that you have opened in the background and of course if you need them you will find them on your history. but this will automatically close them so you don’t have to do that manually.

8: Regularly Delete Browser Data (How To Make iPhone Faster)

Another thing that you need to make sure to do on safari is of course regularly delete website data and all the cookies and all that stuff that will help out your experience a lot with using safari.

So go to safari and go to clear history and website data and you can clear the history and data all at once from here just by tapping clear history and data.

What you can do is also go to advanced and go to website data here you’ll find data for different websites that you visit and of course you can delete them one by one manually from here.

Also, you’ll have an edit button and from here just go ahead and choose whichever you want to actually delete. so delete any one of them.

9: Disabled Unnecessary Animations

The next step is really important for older devices. so if you have an older device you know that all the animations of iOS will make it very hard for the device to run iOS.

What you can do is go to your settings and under the motion, you can go ahead and enable reduce motion. it will just disable all different animations from your device.

It will have a really smooth animation when going in and out of apps and stuff like that. but of course that will help your device a lot it’s really really important that you do this and of course disable stuff that you don’t actually need and that will of course help your device do much much better.

10: Reboot Your Device (How To Make iPhone Faster)

Rebooting your device, do this regularly reboot your device every once in a while every few days. make sure you reboot your device, you can do a force reboot simply by pressing volume up volume down and holding the side button until you see the Apple logo and then just release the button and wait for your device to boot up.

It is the best way to reboot your device and make sure that your device will run much much smoother.


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The Conclusion: How To Make iPhone Faster

So these are the 100% working tips & tricks that will make the iPhone faster. so guys, if you change these 10 things on your device then I am sure your iPhone will perform more smooth than before. if you like this post then please don’t forget to share it with your friends, family members, and on social media. because your sharing help this post to reach more people. also, don’t forget to visit daily on this website for more updates about iOS devices.

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