How To Lock Apps On iPhone 11 & 12 – Lock With Passcode or Face ID

How To Lock Apps On iPhone 11 & 12 – On Android devices, If we want to keep some of our apps private, then we can lock them with a passcode, Touch ID, or face ID, so no one can open & use them. But on iPhone, there is no such option yet, but there is an alternative way that can help you to lock your apps on your iPhone.

Yeah, today I will show you guys how to protect your apps with a face id or a passcode. as I said, on iOS, there is no feature that allows us to directly lock any app with a face id, passcode, or touch id. but there is always a workaround that we have to figure out in order to lock an app with a passcode or face id.

Now there used to be a method with screen time. but that’s not really that good and now we have a new trick that you can do in order to protect any app you want using a face id or a passcode. So let me show you how you can do it.

How To Lock Apps on iPhone 11 & 12

Step: 1 Lock iPhone Apps

Actually, there are two different features of iOS that you can combine in order to protect any app you want with a Face ID or a passcode.

The first of them is guided access so go to settings and go ahead and go to accessibility scroll all the way down then you will find guided access.

So make sure you go ahead and enable it and then go to passcode settings and from here, you can enable the passcode which you will use to basically unlock the app that is locked.

Lock Apps On iPhone

So tap on set guided access passcode and enter any passcode you want then re-enter the passcode and of course, make sure you have face id enabled that way you will also be able to use face id to unlock the app.

Once you have done that then you will need to go to the shortcuts app and go to the automation section.

Step: 2 Lock iPhone Apps

Now tap that little plus button and tap on create personal automation and scroll down and go to the app and here you leave this selected when the app is opened then choose the app that you want to protect.

How To Lock Apps On iPhone

Note: you will have to do this process individually for each app that you want to lock.

So now select any one app that you want to lock then tap the Done button. now just tap on the Next button then tap on add action. now go ahead and search for “open app” and once you go then tap on the open app and choose an app like that that is not really important for you.

Lock Apps on iPhone

Of course, it should be calculator or any app that is not really important for you. for example let’s take the calculator app and of course for you, you can take any app. so if someone opens the app that you locked then it will immediately take them out of that app and send them to the calculator app and then tap the plus button and search for guided access. once you found guide access then tap on it.

So every time someone wants to open an app that you want to lock so this automation will automatically send them to the
Calculator app and lock them right there. so they won’t be able to access the protected app.

Tap on the next button and just disable the given toggle and it will show you a message so tap on on don’t ask and tap on the done button.

Lock iPhone Apps

Now you’re good to go so if you try to actually go ahead and open the locked app then it will take you right away out of the app and send you on that Calculator app.

Step: 3 iPhone App Locker

Now what you need to do is just double press on the side button if you want to unlock it using face id or triple press if you want to unlock it using the passcode that you have set at the beginning that way you will be able to end guided access and get out of the app.

But what if you want to actually use the app for long. because whenever you close the app then suddenly if you want to use again that app then it will take you right away out of it. well every time you need like to use the app that you actually have locked.

So go to shortcuts and go to that automation and just simply disable it for as long as you want to use that app.

iPhone App Locker

anytime you want to lock it all you need to do is just come back here and enable the automation.

Now of course someone might be able to actually come here into the shortcuts app and actually disable this automation that way they will be able to access the content of the app that you have locked.

Step: 4 Add Screen Limit

But what you can do here is actually just go ahead and maybe hide the shortcuts app or just maybe add a little screen time limit to that app. so no one will be able to use it of course after one minute.

So you go to settings you go to screen time and go to app limits add a limit search for shortcuts and after searching then tap it and then tap on the add button and then tap next and what you can do here is just set a one minute limit for this one.

Of course, every day it will be just one minute and you can use a screen time passcode to protect the shortcuts using the screen time limit that way you have your apps of course locked.

Now once you have that and you have of course the shortcuts app locked so no one will be able to access your automations then of course it will be very easy for you creating an automation for each app that you want to lock using this trick with guided access.

Add Screen Limit
Lock Apps On iPhone

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The Conclusion: How To Lock Apps On iPhone 11 & 12

So this is enough for this post guys and I hope now you can understand that how to lock apps on iPhone 11 & 12. of course, you can use this method on older iPhone like iPhone X or earlier. so this amazing trick to protect individual app on iPhone. if you like this post then please don’t forget to share this post with your friends, family members, and on social media. because it help this post to reach more people. also, don’t forget to visit daily on this website for reading new & fresh articles.

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