7 Secret iPhone Apps That You Must-Have On Your iPhone – Best of 2021

8 Secret iPhone Apps – Hey guys, sorry for the late updating the article. but now I will continue posting articles and will try to write the best article for my readers. so guys today I will show you some amazing useful iPhone apps that you probably never heard of these are most of them. new secret iPhone apps some of them are even older. but they are not that popular and you probably never heard of those apps. but at the same time as I said they’re very very useful and most likely you will use most of these on daily basis on your iPhone.

7 Secret iPhone Apps

1: Simple Pasteboard

Pasteboard is an amazing app that makes it very easy for you to enter your email or anything you want anywhere on your ios device. so if save any of your emails in this app then you can copy that email by just tapping on it and paste it anywhere you want. you can add anything you want like any information and save them in the app. now even better is that it offers a widget, now I know the ios 14 widgets the home screen widgets are cooler. but the side widgets the older ones are more useful as they are intractable.

So from the home screen, swipe right from the left to find the widget of the app right there you will see the widget of the app. so all you gotta do is just tap on the widget and you will be able to actually copy whatever text you want there and paste that anywhere you want. now the cool thing here is as I said you can add more here simply by going to the app.

So if you go into pasteboard then you will notice that you will actually have the chance to edit your saved file and by going to settings you will see the settings of the widget you can go ahead and add more like lines on the widget which of course makes that way more useful.

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2: Phraser Keyboard

If you don’t want to do that through that app or through the widget then with phrases you will have the chance to actually do that directly from the keyboard. so you install the app and when you open it then you will see the interface of the app is very simple & easy to use.

By just tapping on the plus button, you can enter your phrase and add it. of course, it can be your email, a phone number, maybe an address, or something that you need to use frequently.

After you have done that just go to settings and then go to general and right here go to the keyboard and you will have your keyboards right there and make sure you add phraser. so once you have done that then of course from the keyboard you just tap on the globe button.

Secret iPhone Apps

And you will be on the phraser keyboard and from here you can choose whatever you have entered on the app and of course tap on insert to quickly insert that anywhere you want.

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3: Magnet Crop

Magnet crop is actually very useful. it allows you to crop your screenshots or any picture that you have. this app is using like a magnetic system which basically makes it really really easy for you to precisely crop anything you want.

So when you load the screenshot in the app then you will understand what I’m talking about. so whenever you just move up there will be a line like it will give you vibration and it will stop there so you will have the chance to actually very very precisely cut anything you want.

So when you have done the cropping then tap on the save button and just like that you will have that saved under the camera roll of your device.

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4: Checkup: Username Availability

Checkup is an app that allows you to quickly search different social media and see if a username is available or not. so if you’re trying to open a new account & you want a new username then you can check that by the app.

So when you type the username at the top then it will check all of the different social media and it will show you where that name is available.

Secret iPhone Apps

so you can search for any username and see whether you can use that or not.

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5: Link As You Go

This one is very useful as it actually allows you to take a picture of any link that is typed somewhere or maybe from a screenshot and then it will extract that for you and then you will be able to use that.

Now if you see any link somewhere that you cannot copy like if it’s on paper or maybe on Instagram or somewhere that you don’t have an option to copy that then all you got to do is just take a screenshot or take a picture of that link and this app will do the rest.

So when you load a screenshot so tap on use photo then you will see that it will recognize the link from that screenshot and of course you can go ahead and use that link or just open it directly on safari from the app.

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6: Wonderwall

Wonderwall an amazing wallpaper app that actually has live wallpapers. so guys, you probably know how hard it is to find apps that offer live wallpapers with good quality without any payments or anything like that.

So this is the app for you, in the app, you will find some really beautiful live wallpapers that you can get for your device. this is an amazing app a lot of quality wallpapers & live wallpapers and of course it is free.

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7: QRy

This app allows us to scan QR codes. but of course, you can do that even with the camera app of your iPhone. but what’s good about this app is that it actually allows you to save those.

So this app will give you the option to actually upload a QR code which you can scan from maybe like a screenshot or something like that. you can also save all of the QR codes in the app.

Guys, you know with the camera app you scan a QR code it opens a link and it’s gone with this one you can have them stored right here, and then whenever you need them back you will find them in the app.

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The Conclusion: 7 Secret iPhone Apps

So these are the 7 secret iPhone apps that will be more useful in the future for iPhone users. so if you don’t have these apps on your iOS device then don’t wait, just download any app which you think will be useful for you in the future. every app link, I have given below of each app. so just click on the link and you will be redirected to the app store, from where you can download the app.

So guys if you like this article then please don’t forget to share it with your friends, family members, and on social media. with the help of your sharing, this post will reach a lot of people. also, visit ioscraze for more updates about iOS devices and if you have any queries then you can ask me on my Facebook page. I’ll try to give you my best answer.