10 iPhone 11 Pro Apps That You Can Download Now On Earlier Devices

10 iPhone 11 Pro Apps – If you have iPhone & iPad then you must-have these top 10 most popular iPhone apps on your iOS device. these are the best iPhone 11 pro apps but you can download them on your earlier iPhone & iPad. all apps can be downloaded directly from the app store. some of them were the best iPhone apps 2019 but they remain best for 2020 and that’s why I highly recommend you download them on your iPhone & iPad.

Actually, Apple’s app store has a large collection of the application so find the best one is really hard. but don’t worry, we’ve gathered the best apps, showing which options rise above the rest. so let’s go ahead and have look at these 10 essential iPhone apps.

10 iPhone 11 Pro Apps

  1. Anonymous Camera
  2. Safari Snippets
  3. PDF it All Document Converter
  4. Translate for Safari
  5. Glyph – Emoji Search
  6. Marklist – Read Later and Note
  7. Fine – Photo Editor
  8. Split – Dual Browser Tabs
  9. Tailor – Screenshot Stitching
  10. Insta Caption°

1: Anonymous Camera

Anonymous Camera - ioscraze


Anonymous Camera, this is a camera app & it’s really amazing. so if you want to shoot a video or a picture with the front or the rear camera and you want to hide a face. well, this app will do that live so when you’re shooting a video it will blur detect faces and will blur them or just hide them in pictures and videos as well.

Features of Anonymous Camera

  • You can enable or disable the location and the timestamp for the video or the picture.
  • It will have the shooter button to take a picture and you can tap & hold on the button and drag it down then you can shoot a video.
  • If you go the hide faces then you will have a solid light just basically a cover for the face and also you will have a blur so you can choose between a solid color or a blur.
  • It also offers you the option to hide the head or the full body of the person that you’re shooting the video or the picture on.
  • In real-time it will hide faces that it will detect.

2: Safari Snippets


Safari Snippets - ioscraze

Safari Snippets, now this one is for the Safari app and it will add some really really cool features to Safari. if you go to a web page on Safari and you tap the share button then once you go down so you will find inject snippet and if you tap on it then you will have different stuff.

Features of Safari Snippets

  • You can enable auto scroller so it will start to automatically scroll.
  • You will have sticky notes.
  • Also, you can view the page source.
  • Unzoom, you can disable automatic zooming on the iPhone.
  • Full-Screen video, it will make the currently playing videos full-screen.
  • It allows you to insert little pieces of code into websites.
  • It allows you to change the fonts.

3: PDF it All Document Converter

PDF it All Document Converter - ioscraze


The third app for the article is PDF it All Document Converter, this app allows you to basically create PDF out of different files maybe your pictures, your notes, or a link that you have copied on the clipboard. if you have a PDF document and you want to just delete certain pages then you can do that in the app, you will have different options that I will show you below.

Features of PDF it All Document Converter

  • It allows you to convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, to PDF.
  • You can edit a PDF by removing & rotating pages.
  • It allows you to merge multiple PDFs into one file or split a PDF into multiple files.
  • You can save your favorite web page to PDF.
  • If you want to create PDF from photos then you can do it in a matter of seconds.
  • The best thing is that you can write your own PDF with our rich text editor.
  • Also, you can now easily remove a password from a PDF and then share it.
  • And You can print your PDF file right inside the application. Just make sure you have a compatible Air Print printer.

4: Translate for Safari

Translate for Safari - ioscraze


Translate for Safari, this is a translator for the Safari app. so you know that Safari doesn’t have a built-in translator and hopefully it’s coming on iOS 14. so if you’re on the webpage and you want to translate it to any language so tap the share button and find here translate Safari. now, go ahead and choose which language you want to translate. now, you will have the full webpage translated on the language that you choose as easy as that. you can do it from Safari without having to go to another app. you can have the full webpage translated to any language that you choose that, of course, is very very useful. hopefully, this will come as a built-in feature on safari with iOS 14.

5: Glyph – Emoji Search

Glyph - Emoji Search


Glyph – Emoji Search, it allows you to browse your emojis and find emojis easier. so once you open the app you will have there at the top a search bar and from here you can search for any word you want and then it will show you like emojis that relate to that word.you will have the share button so you can go ahead and select them and you can copy them if you want to use them anywhere. so rather than going through the keyboard and searching through hundreds of emojis, you can just search them using any words that relate to that emoji and find them easier and use them of course anywhere you want.

Features of Glyph – Emoji Search

  • It will support for iOS13 Dark Mode.
  • Also, you will system-wide keyboard so you can use Glyph to search emoji in any app.
  • Settings page with helpful links and contact info.
  • It has the skin tone picker for the emoji keyboard (iOS 13+).
  • Using the new skin tone picker for full app and iMessage app too! (iOS 13+).

6: Marklist – Read Later and Note

Marklist - Read Later and Note - ioscraze


Marklist – Read Later and Note, this app allows you to easily save any links you want and read them later on your device. of course, you will have their clean interface and a very easy way to organize them. now, you will have also a widget on the widgets panel and once you have a link copied then you don’t need to open the app. you can just tap the mark button and that will be saved into the app or you can just go on Safari on any website that you want to save. you just tap the share button and you tap on the icon of the app that will save it as well. now if you go within the app then you will have of course the ability to read everything that you have saved. you will have a list here you can favorite them & you can unlock them when you’re done. you can even open them on Safari directly from here.

Features of Marklist – Read Later and Note

  • After copying the link of content, directly switch to Marklist to save it.
  • Add a notification widget, and you can save content at the notification center without opening the app.
  • It allows you to keep longer all content you want, you can archive them in favorites folders.
  • It will sync data with iCloud and so you don’t need to worry about data loss.
  • Supports to record texts which could be fleeting ideas or things need to do.
  • Supports to search on the internet, and you can save any content you want to search or access.

7: Fine – Photo Editor

Fine - Photo Editor - ioscraze


Fine – Photo Editor, it’s a photo editing app with a ton of features and it’s free totally free. it’s really really amazing once you have loaded one of your pictures then you will have here a ton of different filters to choose from and of course apply them to your pictures. you will have also different tools in the app. as I said the app has a ton of features and some of the features I will show you below that will enough to attract you to download this app.

Features of Fine – Photo Editor

  • You can change different stuff like edit from the color to the light of the picture to the details.
  • The app has many cool effects to add your photos.
  • It has lens flares that you can apply to your picture.
  • You can add the blur to your image.
  • Also, you can add a cloud to the picture that is very very cool.
  • Bring out lost details of your photos with Dehaze, Clarity, Denoise tools.
  • Add fantastic details to your photos with Ambiance, Bloom, Grain tools.
  • Use High-quality filters made by professional photographers.
  • Emulate Clouds, Rainbow, and other Nature effects with creative stickers, just like Light & Shade stickers, you can rotate, translate, zoom, resize freely.

8: Split – Dual Browser Tabs

iPhone 11 Pro Apps


Split – Dual Browser Tabs, this is a web browser. but it’s really unique because it allows you to browse on two tabs at the same time. just like you have a split view on the iPad. now you can have a split view on this browser with your iPhone. so you can have basically two tabs open at the same time and both work of course and you can go ahead and browse on both of them at the same time.

9: Tailor – Screenshot Stitching

iPhone 11 Pro Apps


Tailor – Screenshot Stitching, this app will help you stitch screenshots together. so you know with iOS 13, Apple has added that feature to the screenshot. when we on Safari you take a screenshot of a webpage and you can take a screenshot of the full web page.

With this app, you can do the same but on every iOS app. so it basically finds automatically screenshots that can be stitched together. so if you like take a couple of screenshots of a conversation then it will automatically find them and just stitch them together for you and when you open the app then you can swipe here between different like screenshots that have been stitched together and just tap the share button and from here you can go ahead and save that image.

10: Insta Caption°

iPhone 11 Pro Apps


last but not least is Insta Caption°, this one will allow you to easily find different captions for your pictures that you post on Instagram. so if you just struggling with creating different captions for your pictures then all you have to do is open this app and just search for different like words there or just choose like different words here and you will find like different captions that you can add to your pictures.

Now, what you want to do is just tap and hold one of them and it will be copied to the clipboard of your devices and you can go ahead and just post it paste it on your post. you can go also to categories and search between different categories. if you basically want to see some like suggestions for different captions that you can use for different categories.

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So that is it for this article guys, these are 10 amazing iPhone 11 pro apps that you can download on earlier models of iPhone. actually, you should have them on your iPhone in 2020. I hope you guys enjoy the article and if you want to install any of these apps then make sure you check the top of the article and you will find all the links there.

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