Download New Apps – 10 New Apps To Download On iPhone – 2019

Download New Apps for iPhone – Hello guys, in this article I’m going to show you 10 must-have apps for your iPhone. so if you want to download new apps and confuse to find some best iPhone apps 2019 from a ton of apps then don’t worry. because we have already done it for you and through this post, I’m going to share with you those 10 best new apps for iPhone. these all apps are the best of 2019. but guys, you have to read this article till the end then you can understand each app.

10 Apps For December – Download New Apps

1: Walkie Talkie – Talk Online

Download New Apps

The first app for this article is walkie talkie, this is a free app that will turn your iPhone into a walkie talkie. it’s very very easy to use, all you need do is just go ahead and enter the frequency that you want and go ahead and then all you need to do is just make sure you have the same number on the other phone as well.

So basically you and your friends you can just have like the same frequency and then just tap that little button to connect.

Download New Apps

Once you have both of your devices connected and on the same frequency then all you need to do is just hold (Hold to Talk) button and of course, you can start talking and you can talk to your friend using this walkie talkie feature which is really really cool again just make sure have both the same frequency and just tap that little button then it turns green that means it is connected.

Download Walkie Talkie – Talk Online

2: Microsoft Math Solver (Download New Apps)

Download New Apps

The second app for the article is maths by Microsoft. now this one is very very useful it will just solve like math stuff for you. all you need to do just take a picture of a math problem and then it will do everything for you.

Download New Apps

It will show you basically the result and you can go ahead and tap on the get step by step guide button then it will take you to a step-by-step guide. so not will only resolve the problem it will also show you the steps on how it has been resolved.

So you can know basically everything how everything went and how you can resolve that problem hopefully by yourself in the future. so you can learn all the steps that it has made to resolve that problem.

Download Microsoft Math Solver

3: Aviary+

Download New Apps

The next app for the article is Aviary+ and this is a photo editing app. it has a ton of tools to edit your pictures. of course, some of the tools are free & some are paid.

So you will have different filters that you can apply to your pictures and of course, you can take a look that how your picture looks without the filter and with the filter and you can also go ahead and change the amount of the filter with the given slider then you will have different stuff like light leagues which you can be added to your photo.

Download New Apps

So it will have different light leagues that you can add to your picture as well as different gradients and you will also have different stickers. now this is really really awesome you can have awesome stickers that you can add to your pictures.

Of course, you can go ahead resize them move them anywhere you want on the picture and that’s really really cool. so you will have different categories of stickers that you can go ahead and add to your pictures then you will also have text.

This is very useful for social media apps if you want to add a quarter picture or something you can go ahead and add text.

You will have different fonts and of course, you can choose different colors as well for the text and of course you can move that anywhere you want to rotate your text and resize it as well.

Download Aviary+

4: Thumbnail Maker Editor Creator (Download New Apps)

Download New Apps

Thumbnail Maker Editor Creator is a very useful app for YouTubers. it allows you to easily create thumbnails on your device.

Download New Apps

In this app, you will have a ton of templates so you can go ahead and choose the different templates or you can start from scratch.

How to use it

Once you have loaded your picture then you will have the option to flip it or to add like different filters that you want to add to that image then you can go ahead and tap apply and then you will have the option to add different stickers or you can add the text which can be like a title of the video or something like that.

You can go ahead and edit that text so you can change the size of the text and you can also change the light like you can change the angle and if you go to color then you can add like a single color or you can add like a gradient, which makes it look really really awesome.

So that way you can create any like thumbnail that you want to create for you without having to use Photoshop or something like that you can just use this app on your iPhone.

Download Thumbnail Maker Editor Creator 

5: Find my Earbuds & Lost Device

Download New Apps

Find my Earbuds & Lost Device is one of the few free apps on the App Store that allows you to find your Bluetooth devices.

So if you lost your iPhone, iPad, & Apple watch then it will find them very very easily. once you use it then if you go close to your device then you will see its signal strength will be way bigger and if you just move away from your device then it will go down.

Download New Apps

So if you found your device then you can go ahead and tap yes ‘I got it’ & you can go ahead and basically rename the device as well.

Download Find my Earbuds & Lost Device

6: Omni Wallpapers Live HD Themes (Download New Apps)

Live HD Themes

Omni Wallpapers Live HD Themes, it has a ton of like cool wallpapers which are mostly free & some of them will be paid as well.

So you will find like limited-time free wallpaper, some really really cool ones and there are more live wallpapers as well that are really awesome and I don’t think you will find them anywhere else.

Live HD Themes

So you will find live wallpapers and normal wallpapers as well. it’s really awesome some of them are free as I said and a few of them are paid as well.

Download Omni Wallpapers Live HD Themes

7: Noto – Elegant Note

Note App For iPhone

Noto – Elegant Note app that is really awesome, it looks really cool & very organized.


  • Powerful text editing tools
  • Bold / Italic / Underline / Strikethrough / Highlight
  • Number list / Bullet list / Checklist
  • Unlimited attachments (pro):

Note App For iPhone

What’s New:

  • More folder color
  • More highlight color
  • New code language picker
  • Add the ability to change text size via pinch gesture
  • Add ability to convert link preview to text links and vice versa

Download Noto – Elegant Note

8: V2Art: video effects (Download New Apps)

video effects

The next app for the article is V2Art: video effects and this is a video editing app. so you can load any of your videos and from then you can trim them and also, you will have like a bunch of different filters that you can apply to your videos.

video effects

You will have like a ton of filters that look really really awesome. it has a lot of features and just a few ones that are paid most of them will be totally free and make your videos look really cool.

It has different categories of video effects. so basically anything can be done on your videos from this app and once you’re done then you can save any of the videos to the camera roll.

Download V2Art: video effects

9: Over: Design/Flyer/Story Maker

Story Maker

Over: Design/Flyer/Story Maker, now this one allows you to create like different designs for any canvas you want and posters or just like stories for Instagram.

Story Maker

So if you open the app then you can go to templates and here you will find different templates that you can use. there are a lot of them that are free and of course, some of them will be paid as well.

What’s New:

  • Pixabay video search
  • Find the perfect video for your project in a snap
  • Give it a whirl – you’re gonna love it

Download Over: Design/Flyer/Story Maker

10: Apple Research (Download New Apps)

Apple Research

The last but not least is an app from Apple, this is the research app that is a new app in the market. now the research app will allow you to take place on different researches that Apple does.

Apple Research

With the Apple Research app, you can start making your contribution to women’s health, hearing health or heart health right away. You can participate in 3 groundbreaking research studies simply by using your Apple Watch and iPhone.

Download Apple Research

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The Conclusion: Best iPhone Apps Free

So these are ten apps that you must-have on your iPhone in December 2019. so if you want to download new apps on your iPhone then, of course, you should try these on your iPhone. hope, you guys enjoyed the article and the apps as well. if you like it then please don’t forget to share it and also visit daily on this website for reading more new articles like this one.