iPhone New Tricks – 15 New Tricks For iPhone You Must Know [2020]

15 iPhone New Tricks – Friends, even if you have been using the iPhone for a long time, but I am sure you don’t know its secret tricks that come with every new iOS version. there are many tricks that every iOS user doesn’t know and through my website, I keep telling you about all the new tricks. so this time I’ll show you 15 really cool iPhone new tricks that you probably didn’t know existed. these are iPhone features that are hidden within iOS 13 and are really cool and of course will help you a lot on the daily use of your iPhone.

15 iPhone New Tricks

1: Share Website

The first trick can be used when you want to share a website with someone. it is really cool and of course very very useful, so when you are on the website and if you want to share that website with someone or like a specific part of the website then all you have to do is just go ahead and tap & hold to select that part of the text then just go ahead and tap the share button. so you can send it on iMessage, you can mail it anywhere, etc.

2: Quickly Take a Video

On the camera of your iPhone, you can take a picture or tap and hold to start recording a video. but you can also quickly take a video simply by pressing the volume down button. so just press and hold the volume down button and then it will start taking a quick video. so keep holding to take the video and once you release it then it will be stopped and you will have that video saved under the camera roll.

3: Quick Undo With Three Fingers

On your iPhone on iOS 13, you can undo by shaking your device that’s the old style or you can swipe with three fingers to the left to undo and three fingers to the right to redo. but if you tap with three fingers you will also get a menu on the screen where you will have those actions and you can quickly undo simply by double-tapping with three fingers on the screen of your iPhone and you can quickly undo anything that you have done.

4: Add Degree Symbol

A very cool trick on the keyboard of your iPhone, if you go to the numbers and you need to enter the degree symbol (°) on any text then all you have to do is just tap and hold the 0 and it will show you the degree symbol you can go ahead and add it on any text you want.

5: Rename File By Double Tap

On the Files app, you can quickly rename any file that you have. all you have to do is just double tap on the name and it will give you the option to rename that file. on iOS 14, the interface will be a bit different & it will show a bit larger. but if you’re on iOS 13 then all you have to do is just double tap on the name of any file and you will have the option to quickly rename it.

6: Turn Any Image Into PDF

Another very useful thing that you can do on the files app is (turn any of your images into PDF files). so if you have an image and you need that to be a PDF file then just 3D touch on any image and you will have a button that says at the bottom create PDF and then it will just automatically that turn that into a PDF file.

7: Change Text Size

You can quickly change the text size of your iPhone simply by going to the control center and 3d touching on the two A’s (Aa) and you will get an option where you can go ahead and change the text size. if you don’t see the two A’s option on your control center then make sure you go to settings and you go to control center and right here you will need to go to customize control center and make sure you have added text size to the control center and then you will get that button for quick access to text size.

8: Change Bluetooth Device Name

If you have your ear pods connected to your iPhone and you want to rename them then you can go to the Bluetooth section on the Settings app & just tap at the I button and you will have the option to go to name and rename that to anything you want. now with iOS 14, you can do that with any other Bluetooth device. but if you’re on iOS 13 you can do that just with the air pods.

9: Forward Message

This one is a very useful hidden feature within the iMessage app. so you get a text from someone and you want to share it with someone else. if it’s a big text like it’s a large text & you don’t want to have to type that again or copy and paste that and all that stuff or it contains some information that you just want to share with someone then you can do that quickly from the messages app.

All you have to do is just go ahead and select the message that you want to basically forward to someone. just tap & hold the message that you want to send to someone then tap on the More button and then you will see a little arrow at the right corner of the bottom.

So just tap on the arrow and it will automatically place the text on the text field. now all you have to do is just go ahead and choose the contact to which you want to send that text and you’re good to go. you can send that message to someone without typing or copy & Paste.

10: Trash or Archive Email

When you’re on an email & if you just tap the trash button then it will automatically delete that email from your mailbox. but what if you just want to archive it or you just want to move it to the trash. you want to choose whichever one you want all you have to do is just tap and hold the delete button and it will show you like options here. so you will have a trash message or archive message and you will have the option to choose from here.

11: Delete Individual History

On Safari, if you go to history then you will have the option to go ahead and delete the history. of course, you tap on clear then you can clear the last hour, today, yesterday, or all time. but you will also have the option to clear any one of the history items individually. all you have to do is just swipe any history from left to right and you will get the option to delete them from the history anyone that you want individually.

12: Rearrange Tabs By Title or By The Website

On Safari, if you go to the tabs view while you’re on the portrait mode then you can rearrange them by dragging one of them just tap and hold and drag them. but things will change if you’re on the portrait on landscape mode.

So when you go to the landscape mode all you have to do is just tap and hold one of them and then you can go ahead and rearrange tabs by title or arrange tabs by the website. so you will get some new options that you don’t get when you’re in portrait mode.

13: Change Live Picture Into Normal

When you take a live picture on your iPhone then you can go ahead and tap the edit button and then you’ll find some options to edit the picture and if you tap on the live then, of course, you can edit the live picture.

But what if you want to turn a live picture into just a normal picture then all you have to do is just tap that live button that I have shown in the image below then click done and it will be just like a normal picture. so if you send it to someone it will be a simple picture, not a live picture.

iPhone New Tricks

14 Add Memoji On iMessage

On the iMessage app, if you want to send a picture to someone then you take a photo. now, what you can do is tap on effects and then you can go ahead and choose the memoji stickers and you can add any of your memoji stickers to that picture.

So all you have to do is just go ahead and drag that any memoji sticker and of course from here you’ll have the option to resize it place it anywhere you want on the screen and then send the picture to someone with that memoji you included. so as easy as that just enter any of the memoji just drag them resize and place them anywhere you want on the picture.

15: Add Cool Filters on Photos on iMessage App

There are also some really cool hidden filters within iMessage. so if you go to take a picture and you go ahead and tap on filters then you will get some really really cool filters.

So what you have to do is take a picture and then go to effect and once you go to effects then you will find there the filters. you will find some really really cool filters that you cannot find on the camera app of the iPhone.

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The Conclusion: iPhone New Tricks

So that is enough for this article guys. these are 15 really really cool and useful iPhone new tricks that I believe every iPhone user should know and use on their iPhone. as we know always on iOS there are hidden tricks and hidden features that will make your life easier using your iPhone.

So I try to find as much as I can of them and share them with you guys. so you learn them and you use them on your iPhone. of course, these tricks can be found on iOS 13 and iOS 14 as well. I hope you guys enjoyed the article and I would like to thank you for reading this post. if you like it then please don’t forget to share it. also, visit daily on this website for reading more new articles.

Guys, if you any questions related to this post or related to any iPhone topic then please feel free to ask me on the Facebook page. I’ll try to give you my best answer in just a few minutes.