Essential iPhone Apps – 10 Must-Have Apps On iPhone [Best For 2020]

10 Essential iPhone Apps – Hello guys, today I will introduce you 10 essential iPhone apps that you should download on your iPhone in 2020. these all are the best apps for iPhone xs & later and you can download them from the App Store. of course all of them are completely free, so if you are using an iPhone with iOS 12 & 13 then you must-have these apps on your iPhone. now, without wasting more time, let’s go ahead and let me tell you about every app one by one.

10 Essential iPhone Apps

1: Google Photos

Essential iPhone Apps

The first app for the article is Google photos. now, this is a must-have app as and it allows you to upload your videos and your pictures to Google and of course free up storage on your iPhone and that’s very very useful especially if you have an iPhone with lower capacity.

You know the pictures and videos will take most of that space. but with Google photos, you can upload all of your photos there and of course, you will have access to them on any device that you have just by signing in with that email that you used to upload your pictures.

You can upload an unlimited number of pictures as if they are like lower than 16 megapixels and of course videos up to 1080p with unlimited storage and that’s really awesome.

Also, you can upload a ton of pictures and have all of them in one place. now if you open the app then you can select pictures and then just tap on the cloud icon that you will see at the top.

It will upload that file that’s very very easy to use. of course, the app has all the features for free and it is really really awesome.

Of course, you also can go ahead and edit your pictures directly from here from the app. you will have a ton of tools in order to edit your pictures if you want to do that before uploading them to Google.

Download Google Photos

2: Pocket: Save. Read. Grow (Essential iPhone Apps)

Essential iPhone Apps

The next app for the article is pocket and this one allows you to save like different articles. so you can read them even if your device is not connected to the Internet.

So if you see like news or something that you want to read later and you want to have it safe so you can read that even if you’re like traveling you don’t have access to the Internet you can do that with this app called pocket.

now if you open a web page in the Safari browser and you want to save that page then just tap the share button and find the pocket icon.

If you don’t see it tap on more and you will see it right there. once you find then tap on it and it will be saved then what you can do it just go to the pocket app even if your device is not connected to the Internet and you should see all the save like articles right here on the list and what you gotta do is just tap on it then you can go ahead and read that even with your device is not connected to the Internet.

So any article that you want you can save for later and then read that on this app called pocket.

Download Pocket: Save. Read. Grow

3: Overcast

Essential iPhone Apps

Now when it comes to listening to podcasts, overcast is a must-have app for your iPhone. it has a ton of features now, of course, we have like the podcast app from Apple.

But this one has way more features, now you will have different features. so if you go to a podcast then you can choose if you want to just stream it or you want to download it and of course, if you go ahead and play you will have different features.

So you can set the speed of the listening you want to make it just run faster you can do that and you will also have different features that you probably won’t notice.

But this app will do automatically in the background like if you’re listening to a podcast and there’s a pause like on the podcast it will skip that.

So you don’t waste your time waiting for the podcast to start or something. it will just go ahead and skip that. so many many extra features that you won’t find on the podcast app of Apple now.

Download Overcast

4: Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF

Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF

When it comes to PDFs the acrobat app is a must-have one. it has a ton of features allowing you to edit and rotate or even sign your PDF files.

So if you open it then you will have different locations and you can have your PDF that you have locally on the phone.

You will have the documents on the cloud from Dropbox or if you tap on more locations then you can choose any of the files that you have on your files app.

So if you go to the PDF file of course from here you will be able to go ahead and edit them you can view them like this or if you want to edit them then you can go ahead and add different pictures.

You can go ahead and tap the pencil button to add a comment, to fill something, or if you wanna sign it. so if you tap fill and sign then you will have the ability to add text.

If you want to right there so you can add any text on the PDF. also, you can go ahead and add your signature.

Of course, you can resize that and you can just basically change the color or do anything you want and of course, place it anywhere you want on the PDF file.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF

5: Otter Voice Meeting Notes (Essential iPhone Apps)

Otter Voice Meeting Notes

Otter Voice Meeting Notes is the next app for the article. this is a basically note-taking app or voice recorder whatever you want to call it.

But basically, it allows you to take notes by recording your voice. so you say something it records the voice and then it will transcript that into text.

So if you want to try it out so tap on the given mic button to start and once you’re done then tap the stop button and it will be processing.

So just wait for this to be done, it should be in a few seconds to basically transcript what you say into text.

It will take about 15 to 20 seconds to get the note ready then it has transcripted that into text. so this is very very useful like if you’re at a meeting or somewhere you want to record something.

You just tap the record button and you’re good to go. you will have that as a text and of course as a note as a voice recording as well and if you see anything wrong you can go ahead and edit that using the edit tool.

Download Otter Voice Meeting Notes

6: VPN – Super Unlimited Proxy

VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy

Now when it comes to VPN apps, an unlimited VPN proxy is a must-have and this one is totally free that’s what will make it more awesome.

So any location that you want to connect you can do that for free. so if you open it then tap on the power button that you will see on the home screen of the app then it will automatically connect.

But if you tap on the fastest locations then you can choose between different locations. The fastest locations allow you to connect to a specific country or city. you will have a long list of different cities and countries where you can connect.

Download VPN – Super Unlimited Proxy

7: Annotable: Annotation & Markup

Annotable: Annotation & Markup

The next app for the article is Annotable: Annotation & Markup and this one is like an advanced markup app for your iPhone.

Now, when you take a screenshot or on your pictures on your iPhone then you will have a markup tool. but this one is way more advanced.

You will have many different tools and once you use them then you will see all the advanced features. it has a few like tools that have a red dot those are paid features. but most of them are totally free.

Download Annotable: Annotation & Markup

8: Snapseed (Essential iPhone Apps)

Essential iPhone Apps

When it comes to editing pictures on your iPhone. of course, you have the stock tools that you get with your iOS device or you can basically get any app.

There are a ton of them on the App Store. but Snapseed from Google is one that you must have and of course, it’s totally free and the tools that this app has to offer are just amazing.

So once you load the picture from your camera roll then you will have a ton of different filters that you can apply to your pictures directly from here. you will have many tools that you can use for editing your image.

You can do anything like tuning the image like changing the brightness and all that stuff. you will have other tools as well, you can go ahead and rotate your pictures change the perspective, change the white balance, and basically do anything that you want with your picture.

Of course, you can add text as well if you want to add text of pictures. you will have a ton of different styles that you can use.

Of course, you tap the export button once you’re done and you can go ahead and share this or just save that into the camera roll of your device.

Download Snapseed

9: Drafts

Essential iPhone Apps

The next app for the article is drafts. now, this is a note-taking app with more features that you will get on the Notes app of iOS.

Of course, you can take like go ahead and take a lot of like notes on this app and you will have a bunch of tools.

You can add and you can go ahead and select that text and you can turn all of that into uppercase or lowercase or anything you want.

So you will have all the different tools and all that really really awesome. so notes that you have like more important you can flag them and you will see them right there that’s really cool. so this is drafts an advanced note-taking app for your iOS device a must-have app in 2020.

Download Drafts

10: Google Translate

Essential iPhone Apps

Now when it comes to translating stuff, Google Translate is the best of them. it has a ton of features to offer.

You can simply paste the text here to translate it and of course, you can switch between different languages. you will have their search bar to search for any language you want.

Not just text you can use your camera to basically scan any text you want and it will translate that for you or you can just do handwriting or you can even translate and cut a conversation.

So that’s really really cool so amazing having that feature and of course, you want to talk to someone you can do that using Google Translate.

Now if you go to settings then you can go ahead and go to offline translation and you can download different languages.

So you can use translation even if you don’t have an internet connection.

Just tap the plus button and choose any language the to one and then it will go ahead and download that language so you will have it saved for offline translation.

Download Google Translate

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The Conclusion: Best Utility Apps For iPhone

So these are my top 10 essential iPhone apps that you should download in 2020. all these apps are very useful and will make your work easy. these all are the best iPhone apps ever.  I hope, you like these apps and my article and if you like this article then please don’t forget to share it with your friends, family members, and social media. also, don’t forget to visit daily on this website for reading more interesting articles. guys, if you have any question then you can ask me on our Facebook page. I’ll try to give my best answers to your all questions.