20+ Tweaked App Installers You Should Download Instead of Cydia

Download 7 Tweaked App Installers Instead of Cydia – The number of tweaked app stores is increasing every month that you can download instead of Cydia.

But only a few of them are at top of the list and you can download them without jailbreak. most of the iPhone users jailbreak their iPhone because of downloading tweaks.

But I can’t understand why they choose jailbreak if they have many many alternatives to Cydia, which have the same content that Cydia provides.

There are lots of disadvantages of jailbreak and users still going for it even they wait for the new way to jailbreak their iDevice whenever Apple launches a new iOS version.

Guys, I never recommend you to go for anything that may harmful to your devices.

I know tweaks are really great to enjoy your smartphones but it doesn’t mean you take risks to download them.

There are lots of 3rd party app stores for iOS and there is no need to jailbreak your device to download them.

These all the app stores provide tweaks, hacked games, emulators, screen recorder and everything that you can find on Cydia.

In this article, I am going to tell you about 20+ amazing tweaked app installers that you can download from a single place.

Actually most of the tweaked app stores have their own website and sometimes their website slows down because of which you can’t download them. but those app stores, who don’t have their own website and you can download them from other ways and which way is genuine, it’s really hard to select.

Actually, there is a website, where you can find all the 20+ best-tweaked app stores in a single place. now let’s go ahead and let me tell you which app installers you can download from the website.

20+ Tweaked App Installers

Tweaked App Installers

iosemulatorspot is that website that has 20+ 3rd party app installers that you can download without jailbreak. also, it has more content apart from the third-party app installers.

Which App Installers, You Can Download From The Website

  1. AppEven
  2. IPA4iOS
  3. Apps4iPhone
  4. CyrusHub
  5. le890
  6. mStore
  7. TweakBox v2
  8. Cyrus v2
  9. iQPhone
  10. AppValley
  11. AppValley iPad
  12. ftOS
  13. Panda Helper
  14. Panda Helper VIP
  15. i4
  16. vShareSE
  17. HipStore
  18. K Store
  19. HaimaApp
  20. TopStore
  21. TutuApp Version’s
  • The TutuApp Free
  • TutuApp VIP
  • TutuApp VIP (EN)

All of these app stores you can download from a single place. now let me tell you how you can download them from the website. so follow the steps below and don’t skip any step otherwise you can’t download them.

How To Download Them

  1. First of all, copy this URL http://www.iosemulatorspot.com/free-apps/
  2. It will redirect you to the app stores page, where you’ll have all the above app installers.
  3. Now, select that app that you want to download.
  4. Tap the app’s icon to install the application.
  5. Furthermore, when you’re prompted by the install message, tap install, and back out of the safari.


Note: Now if it doesn’t install you can try it again, or it may be due to the app being revoked by Apple. While it’s installing if it’s taking to long, or seems like it’s not just wait.

So once you’ve done then if you going to open it then it will show you a message from Apple. because it’s a 3rd party app and due to Apple’s rules, you should trust the app’s profile then you can use the app.

When you see the untrusted developer message then note that app’s profile name. because you’ll need it to find the app.

So now I’m going to tell you how you can trust any 3rd party app. just follow the steps.

How To Trust The Apps

  • Navigate to the “Settings
  • Go to “General
  • Tap on the “Profile & Device Management
  • Here, find the “Developer’s profile
  • Tap on it then tap the “Trust Button” twice

Once you trust the certificate then you can open & enjoy the app.

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The Conclusion: Download Tweaked Apps For iOS 11, 12, & 13

So that’s it for this article guys, iosemulatorspot, this is the website from where you can download these 20+ tweaked app installers.

You don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone or don’t need any root & computer. just go to the website and download any app installer that you want.

You don’t need to go one by one on every app’s website. all of them you can download in a single place on the iosemulatorspot.

I hope you guys enjoyed the article and if you like it then why don’t you share it with your friends, family members, and social media.

Please, guys, share this post and stop other users who want jailbreak their devices to download tweaks. also, if you have any question then you can ask me on my Facebook page.

I’ll try to give my best answer to all the questions and don’t forget to visit daily on this website because we update here every day new & helpful articles like this one.