New iPhone App That Lets You Capture Bokeh Video Like a Pro

New iPhone App

Record Bokeh Video on iPhone With New iPhone App – If you want to shoot bokeh video on your iPhone then there is an app called Focos Live that allows you to capture Bokeh video free. Of course, iPhone introduced portrait or bokeh mode in 2016 with the launch of the iPhone 7. but still … Read more

How to Install Kodi on iPhone and iPad [Working] – Updated!

How to install Kodi on iPhone

How To Install Kodi on iPhone and iPadĀ – everyone knows that Apple is the biggest platform and that’s why its rules are really strict. It gives everything in its product, such as the own App store and operating system in the mobile and its own windows in the MacBook and there is a lot of … Read more

How to Block Spam Text Messages & Calls on iPhone [Updated]

Block Spam Text & Calls On The iPhone – The text message that also known as SMS in a short form that everyone can use easily. in today’s world, SMS makes our many works easy. like we can send any information with the help of text messages to anyone. of course, we don’t need to … Read more