Stop App Revoke – Install NessTool to Stop App Revoking on iPhone

Stop App Revoke on iPhone – Hello readers, today in this tutorial, I’m gonna show you a very helpful method that helps you to stop app revoke on your iPhone & iPad. as we all know that due to the strict rules of Apple, we can’t use any third-party app on iOS devices for a long time.

Because Apple can revoke them after a few days or a week. so if we want to use that app then we have to reinstall the app and then we can use it. but after a few days or a week, it can be removed again from our device by Apple and our all data that we have saved on that app will also delete with the app.

In such a situation, we have just 2 ways either we should download only those apps which are available on the App Store or we should reinstall the revoked apps repeatedly.

But if you want to use 3rd party apps for a long as you want then you should follow my guide. There is an app called NessTool that helps you to stop app get revoked by Apple.

Of course, it’s also a third-party but you can download it without jailbreak and it’s completely safe to download & use. I’ll show you 2 methods to download this VPN app. so without wasting any more time let’s go ahead and let me tell you a little bit about the app. You should also check out the Anti-lock for iOS – Download & install Anti-lock on your iOS device

NessTool Download To Stop App Revoke


NessTool is one of the best VPN Apps that help third-party apps users to stop apps from getting revoked by Apple. it bypasses the certificate revocation by the Apple or App developers so you can continue using the 3rd party apps without hassle. you can download it on your iPhone & iPad free even without jailbreak.

So I think it’s enough about the app and now we should jump to the first method.

Method 1: Download NessTool Via TutuApp | Stop App Revoke

App Revoke

This VPN app you can’t download from the app store or from anywhere directly. so first of you have to download TutuApp and with the help of TutuApp, you can download this VPN app.

1: So open the Safari browser on your iOS device and Download TutuApp by clicking on the link below.

Download TutuApp 

2: You can download by scan the QR code from your device.

3: If sometimes the website does not work properly then you can download TutuApp from here.

4: So download the TutuApp app by given instructions.

5: After installing the app, go to Settings>General>Profile & Device Management and trust the TutuApp.

6: Now what you need to do is search for the NessTool by the search box.

7: Click on the result and then install the NessTool on your iOS device.

8: You should also verify it by the same method that I have shown for TutuApp.

So this is the first method and now let’s go ahead and have a look at the second method.

Method 2: NessTool Download Via AppValley | Stop App Revoke

App Revoke

I think most of the 3rd party apps users already have this amazing app install. but if you don’t have AppValley on your device then you can follow the guide below.

1: You can download AppValley on your iOS devices by click on the link below.

Download AppValley

2: If somehow the above link doesn’t work properly then you can download AppValley from here.

3: Install the AppValley on your device by following the given instructions.

4: After installing this app installer, you should verify it by following the same way that I have shown for TutuApp.

5: Now, Open the app and search for NessTool and next you will see the app along with the ‘download‘ button.

6: After this, a pop-up will appears your screen with the ‘install‘ button.

7: Now, another pop-up you will see with the ‘install‘ button from the so click on the install button.

8: After a few seconds the app will be installed on your device.

9: The application will not start working immediately, so you should verify it by going to the ‘Settings‘ and then go to ‘General‘ and then go to ‘Profile & Device Management‘ and from here ‘Trust‘ the NessTool’s profile by clicking on it.

So these 2 methods will help you to install the amazing app on your iOS device and now let’s go ahead and learn how you use it properly.

How To Use NessTool

The app is quite simple to use all you need to do is just open the app and then follow the given steps below.

1: When you open the app then you will see a pop-up with the allow button. so tap on the ‘allow‘ button to add configuration profile.

2: Now, launch the AppValley and download your favorite application by the given instructions.

3: Now, Go the Settings>VPN and then enable and then ‘Nesstool will connect on the demand‘.

So this is how simply you can use any of the third-party premium apps for a long time as you want. you can use them without any hesitation. both the methods are 100% safe & secure and also the VPN app is 100% safe & secure.

The Conclusion: Anti Revoke Install

So that’s enough to stop app revoke on iPhone. I hope these 2 methods will work properly for every iOS user and if you face any problem while downloading it or related to this post then you can discuss your problem with me on my Facebook page. I’ll reply to your message in just a few minutes and also will try to give my best answer.

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