Anti lock for iOS – Download & install Anti lock on Your iOS 13 device

Anti lock for iOS – Hello everyone, as you all know that iOS users are love to download hacked games, tweaked apps, iOS emulators, and ++apps.

++apps means, those apps, which are the modified version of the original apps and gives us lots of new features and privacy that the original apps do not provide us. but don’t try to find ++apps on the App Store because you can find them there.

Actually, Apple doesn’t allow those apps because they are unofficial but you can download them with the help of an alternative app store and sometimes it happens that whenever we download any third-party apps then after some time those apps revoked by Apple and we do not even get time to create the backup for resume the app after reinstalling. it really irritates us.

So we have found a tool that helps us to stop crashing apps. Anti-lock is that app, which prevents this. it’s an alternative way to do it. so now don’t worry and get rid of the revoked fear of tweaked apps and any third-party applications. so let’s go further and see that how to download anti lock for iOS 13 or earlier devices.

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Download & install Anti lock for iOS 13 or earlier

If you are going to the Apple app store to download the Anti-lock then you can’t find it there. because it’s a third-party app and Apple never provides any third-party apps on its official app store. so we can download it with the help of an alternative way. you need to download and install it manually and I am glad to tell you that you can install the Anti-lock app on your iOS device without the jailbreak.

So let’s jump into the download & install process

  • Open the Safari browser and type
  • Go to the download section
  • Now tap on the iOS tools
  • Scroll down until you see the Anti-lock profile and tap on it
  • Now it will redirect you on the download link page
  • Click on the download link then the download process will start in the background
  • It will take some time to install. so wait for complete the installation process
  • Click here to redirect on the download page

After complete, the installation process, don’t open it directly. because it will show an untrusted developer enterprises message. so first of go to the settings then go to the general and tap on the profile & device management and now tap on the Anti-lock profile and hit the trust button twice and now you can open it.

Let’s see how to use it:

  • So when you launch Anti-lock then it will show an update message. because you are open it first time on your device. so just tap on the X button at the top right to close it.
  • Now you will see a big on button and information about the Anti-lock. so it’s mean Anti-lock is working.
  • If you want to check that Anti-lock is working or not then go to this link
  • If it’s work then you will see an image of a defiant man against Apple.


Thanks for reading this article. we are download third-party apps from other servers and Apple revoked these apps any time from our iOS device. so now the Anti-lock tool is here to help you and stop frequent revocations apps.

So download Anti lock for iOS device and And prevent third-party apps from crashing. hope you will like this article. so if you like this article then please don’t forget to share this with your friends, family, and on the social media and also visit daily on this blog. because we update here every day new and helpful articles.