How to ByPass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone 11/Xr/Max/X/8/7/6

iPhone Activation Lock Bypass – I’ve received a lot of messages on my Facebook page and then I realize that a lot of iPhone users don’t know how to Bypass iCloud activation lock.

So I decided to find out the solution for my readers that help them to Bypass iCloud lock without entering Apple ID or password.

After a lot of research and face many scammers & fake websites finally, I’ve found 4 amazing ways that will help you to know how to skip activation on iPhone.

Guys, If you bought a second-hand iPhone from eBay, OLX, an unknown person or you have an old iPhone and you reset/factory rest that phone and when you set it up then you realize that you don’t know the Apple ID and password of that phone.

So it will be a very disappointing thing because you paid a lot of money to buy a phone and still you are not able to use that phone. so is there any way that can help me to use that phone?

Yeah, don’t worry guys, because in this guide, I am going to show you 4 easy methods that allow you to Bypass iCloud Activation. but before going further let me tell you what actually iCloud activation lock is?

What is iCloud Activation Lock?

iCloud activation lock is a feature of the Find my iPhone app, so when you turn on the Find my iPhone app then this activation lock enabled automatically.

You’ll find this lock in every iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, macOS Catalina, and Mac computers that have the Apple T2 Security Chip. this feature helps us to deter other people from reactivating our device.

If your device lost or stolen then this feature will help you to prevent thief & wrong person from using your device because it’s designed for it. also, it will help you to recover your iDevice.

Because iCloud lock works by storing your Apple ID securely on Apple’s activation servers and links it to your device.

So if anyone wants to erase your device, reactivate it, turn off Find my iPhone, or use your device then first they have to enter Apple ID & Passcode.

But if you by mistake forget your iCloud ID & password then there are 3 methods that can Bypass activation.

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

Guys, if you go to the internet and search how to skip activation on iPhone then you will see a lot of ways to do it.

But most of them are scams or fraudulent and some of them will take more than 1 week. but if you follow my ways which are 100% genuine then you can do it in a short time.

so let’s get started:

How to Skip iCloud Lock

In this method, you have to download a software named iMyphone iBypasser which you can use on your windows & Mac computer.

iBypasser – Free iCloud Activation Lock Remover  

iBypasser is an amazing software designed by iMyPhone that can be download on the windows & Mac computer. iMyPhone is a very famous company that develops all the tools for Apple.

This company has been working on iPhone unlock for years. you can use this software for your iPhone 5S to iPhone 11 and it’s also iOS 13 supported.

This software will work on the all latest model of the iPhone that will come in the future. it’s completely different from other paid software and it comes up with a free trial version that allows you to see how the software works and you can also check if your device is supported.

Features of iBypasser:

  • Bypass Apple ID activation lock from iOS devices.
  • You can access your iOS device after iCloud activation lock ByPass using this software and you can use all functions except cellular, Calls, and iCloud.
  • You can sign in with a different Apple ID to download applications.
  • Disable tracking or erasing from previous Apple ID.
  • It has a free trial version so people can check it before spending money on it.

Steps how to Bypass iCloud Lock

With the help of a simple way, you will get to know how to Bypass Apple ID lock as long as you are using iBypasser. See how the software works within simple steps:

Note: Please check the device you’re about to buy hasn’t been logged as stolen on

Step 1. If you have downloaded the iBypasser software on your computer then launch it and if not then download by clicking on the given link below.

Download iMyPhone

Step 2. After launching the software, click on the start button and connect your iOS device to your computer via USB cable.

Step 3. Now, a jailbreak package will start downloading in the software.

Step 4. After downloading the package, you need to follow the given instruction to jailbreak your device that shows in the image below, and then click Next to proceed when jailbreaking completes.

Step 5. Now, iBypasser starts the process of the iPhone Bypass activation, it will complete in-short time and then you can enjoy your iOS device with a new Apple ID.

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iPhone Activation Lock ByPass Through DNS

DNS is another way to Bypass iPhone Activation lock, so let’s go ahead and know a little bit about DNS.

What Actually iCloud DNS Bypass is?

DNS (Domain Name System) that can convert the readable name into the numerical IP addresses. the DNS acts as a host so you can use applications on your iOS device. so guys if you don’t forget your Apple ID and don’t know how to skip iCloud lock then it’s a great way to change the activation path through the domain name System (DNS) send it from the original Apple server to the iCloud Bypass DNS server for authentication.

Of course, changing the activation path using DNS looks like complicated. but trust me it’s really easy and better to use some of the features of your iOS device.

You can change the IP address by going to the Wi-Fi settings, it doesn’t matter if a pop-up of activation lock is showing on the screen. because there is a manual way that will help you to go to the Wi-Fi settings and change the DNS address.

After active the DNS service, you can use several features and apps of your iOS devices. like, play games, surf the internet, use the camera, play youtube, and more. now, let me tell you the limitations of the iCloud DNS Bypass.

Limitations of ByPass iCloud Free Through DNS

  • There is no guarantee that it will always work for you to Bypass the activation lock.
  • You can’t use it on all iOS versions, you can use it only for iOS 10 or later devices. iOS 9 or earlier version users can’t use this service.
  • This method allows you to use the limited features & apps of your iPhone, so you can’t access all the features.
  • It’s just a hack, it will not unlock your full device but if you want to unlock your full device then you can iCloud IMEI unlock service.

Verified Method For iPhone to Skip iCloud Sign In


Note: Before going to follow the steps below please make sure that you have inserted SIM in your phone. because without SIM, it’s not possible to use this method.

Step 1. When you restart your phone after reset then on the screen it will ask you to choose a country and language so select your country and language from the menu.

Step 2. After that, it will take you to the Wi-Fi page, where it will ask you to connect a Wi-Fi network. now, alongside the WIFI network, look for the ‘i’ symbol.

Note: If you are on the iCloud lock screen, where you have to enter Apple ID and you already connected to a Wi-Fi connection. so first of all, you have to disconnect that network. so go to the Wi-Fi setting, press the home button then you will see a pop-up, where you’ll have more Wi-Fi settings. here, you’ll find the connection to which you are connected. On the right side of the network to which you are connected, you will see the ‘i’ button.

Bypass iPhone


Step 3. Once, you find the ‘i’ button then tap on it and then disconnect your Wi-Fi connection by tapping on the forget this network button then tap back and then tap done.

Step 4. Now, press the home button and then select start over then select your country and language.

Step 5. After that, it will ask you to connect to a network, so tap on the ‘i’ button of the network that you want to connect then it will take you to the IP address.

Step 6. Here, you have to go to the DNS and enter the DNS server to iPhone activation code Bypass according to your location.

ByPass iCloud Activation


Note: Don’t know your location’s DNS server? Choose one from below.

DNS Server for iPhone Bypass iCloud account

South America:
Australia and Oceania:
Other continents:

Step 6. After entered, DNS IP, just come back by tapping on the back button that you will see on the left side of the screen.

Step 7. Turn on your Wi-Fi and select your network then connect to it.

Step 8. After connecting, you will see the Next button. but don’t tap on it, just press the back button again then you will on the Bypass screen.

Step 9. Here, just scroll down to the menu and then tap on the menu. now, you can use your Camera, Music, Internet, Apps, etc.

As we all know that through DNS, we can use only limited functions. but if you want to use the full functions of the iPhone then I have an amazing trick that allows you to use you all iPhone functions. so read the given guide below.

Access All Functions of iPhone Through “Crash”

Guys, if you have paid a lot of money to buy an iPhone and then you get to know that you can use its limited functions so it would be really bad.

But there is a way that allows you to access all the functions of your iPhone. but this method comes with a bad thing, it will work only once on your device so if you reboot your device then your device will be locked again. so try to not reboot your device unless you have to.


Step 1. First of all, use the above method and then tap on the menu and go the Applications.

Step 2. Here, you have to find ‘Crash’ and once you’ve found it then tap on it then your phone will restart automatically.

How to ByPass iCloud Activation Lock


Step 3. After restarting, choose your country and language then it will take you to Wi-Fi settings, where you have to select a network.

Step 4. Now, press the home button and tap on the “More Wi-Fi settings”.

Step 5. Tap on the ‘i’ button of the network that you want to connect and then go to “Menu” > “HTTP Proxy”.

Step 6. Now, you need to clear the existing HTTP address and list 30 distinct emoji icons to the “Server” zone.

Step 7. Type ‘8888’ over the “Port” Zone.

Step 8. Now, you have done so press the back button and then press the Next button. it will redirect you to the screen, where you have to unlock the screen by tapping the home button.

Step 9. Just press the language button until the home screen shows up. after this, you can use more functions on your iDevice.

iPhone Activation Lock ByPass

Remove iCloud Lock Through Apple Support

In this method, Apple can help you but there is a condition, you have to prove that you are the owner of the device.

  1. So if you are the owner of the device then you have to show your device’s receipt to prove.
  2. If you are the second user of the device then you need to transfer ownership to you from the original owner.

So, if you have completed either of the above two steps then go ahead.

When you go to Apple Support then Apple will first make sure that someone reported stolen of this device or not, and if not, then they will help you.

But guys, sometimes Apple can’t help you to Bypass the iCloud lock even you have the receipt. because the privacy & policy of Apple is really strict. so until they are not 100% sure, they cannot help you.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q 1. Can I use these methods on all iOS versions?

Nope, the first method, you can use only iOS 10 or later devices, and the rest methods can work on some iDevice it doesn’t matter which version you are using.

Q 2. I am from Ethiopia so can I use these methods?

Sure, location doesn’t matter in these methods, you can use all methods at any place.

Q 3. Are these methods can work on Apple Watch?

Sorry, these are available only for iPhone & iPad.

Q 4. Are these methods free?

Nope, 2nd & 3rd methods are free but not all devices are supported.
But, if you Bypass through iBypasser then you have to pay some money and then you use these methods on all devices.

Q 5. I don’t have enough money to buy iBypasser so is there any way to use this software free?

Of course, iBypasser comes with a free trial version that will for 7 days or a month but after that, you have to buy it.

The Conclusion: How to ByPass iCloud Lock on iPad & iPhone

So friends, these are our 4 best methods that help you to Bypass the iCloud Activation lock. of course, 2nd or 3rd methods are not supported to all devices. but with the help of the first & fourth methods, you can ByPass the iCloud Activation lock-on every iPhone & iPad.

Thank you guys for reading this article and being with us and I hope you enjoyed the article. so if you like this post then please don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. also, don’t forget to visit this website every day for reading a new article.

Friends, if I still haven’t been able to cover some questions then please ask me on my Facebook page. I’ll try to give my best answer to your all questions.