Dynamic Wallpapers – Change Automatically Your iPhone’s Wallpaper

Get Dynamic Wallpapers on iPhone – The most awaited feature for iPhone users is now available with iOS 14.3. Yeah, guys, you will definitely glad to hear that now you can chane wallpaper automatically on iPhone using iOS 14.3. so guys, if you haven’t upgraded your older iOS version into the new iOS 14.3 so do it now. because the latest version of iOS has brought awesome features and dynamic wallpapers is one of them.

So to use dynamic wallpapers, you must-have iOS 14.3 and it doesn’t require any particular device. of course, you can use it on any iPhone who is updated on iOS 14.3. so just make sure that you have updated iOS 14.3 and then you’re good to go.

So first of all let me tell you how dynamic wallpapers works and then I’ll show you how you can us it.

What is Dynamic Wallpapers

Dynamic wallpaper is that feature who will automatically change your iPhone’s wallpaper every day at the time you set. All you have to do is create 1 folder of your favorite wallpapers and this feature will select 1 new wallpaper from it every day and set it on your phone. now let me tell you how you can use it.

How to Use Dynamic wallpapers In 2 Steps

Step: 1

So first of all you all need to go phone album and in phone album, you will see a plus icon at the top left corner so tap on it and then tap on new album.

You can set any name that you want of your new album. now, go to that album that you just have created and add some of your favorite wallpapers in it. of course, you can add any number of wallpapers that you want in that album.

Once, you have created the album then go to your shortcuts application. if you don’t have shortcuts app then you can download it directly from the app store. it’s an Apple’s official app that you can get free from the app store.

Download Shortcuts App

When you open Shortcut app then tap my shortcuts at the bottom left corner. now tap on all shortcuts and then tap on the plus icon that you will see at the top right corner.

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Change Automatic Wallpapers

Now, you will have new shortcut windows where you can add shortcuts. so click on the add action and go to the search bar and type photos and then search for it.

Dynamic Wallpapers

Step: 2

Once, you have see the result then tap on photos from the result list and then tap on find photos. here, you will see add filter button below the find button so tap on it.

Change Wallpapers automicatlly on iPhone

Under the Find button, you will see “Album is recent” button so tap on it and then set the album that you have created of your favorite wallpapers. You can also use the search box to search for that album.

Dynamic Wallpapers On iPhone

You can also change the way you want to change your wallpapers, like you want to change it serial number wise, name wise, &randomly. just tap on sort By button and select How do you want to change the wallpapers.

iPhone Shortcuts

Now, turn on the limit toggle and then decrease the number of “Get item” to the 1.


So once, you all have done this now again tap on the blue plus icon then search for your wallpapers album that you’ve created. click set and then you will have option of homescreen & lockscreen so you can use different wallpapers on home & lock screen.

Dynamic Wallpapers

Now tap on show and then turn off show preview. once you have done all the things then tap on the done button that you will see right at the top corner. now, it will ask you to set the name of shortcut. of course, you can set as dynamic wallpapers.

Now, what you all need to do is just go to the automation that you will see middle of the bottom. here, you need to tap on plus icon that you will see at the top right corner. here you will have to option so click on the create personal automation.

Here, you will have multiple options for when you want to change your wallpaper.

Auto Wallpaper on iPhone

The Conclusion:

So this how you can change wallpapers automatically on iPhone using iOS 14.3. the dynamic wallpapers feature is really awesome and now it’s available for the iOS users. I hope guys you enjoyed the aritlce and if like this then please don’t forget to share it with your friends, family members, & on social media. also, don’t forget to visit daily on this website for reading more new articles.