Alternatives to TweakBox – 5 TweakBox alternatives for iDevice

Alternatives to TweakBox – Undoubtedly, we can say that TweakBox is the largest third-party app installers and it’s also a king of all third-party app installers that has all the tweaked apps, hacked games, Emulators, screen recorder, and much more content.

The sheer number of tweaked applications and games available on TweakBox is unparalleled and unequaled. but it can be revoked any time by Apple due to Apple’s strict rules against third-party apps.

So if you face the same condition then don’t be sad. because we have many alternatives to TweakBox that will fulfill the lack of tweakbox.

These all app installers provide Similar Apps like TweakBox’s Apps and the best thing is that you can download these app installers free and without jailbreak.

So let’s go ahead and talk one by one about each app installer. also, I’ll tell you how you can download them on your iOS devices.

5 Alternatives to TweakBox

1: Panda Helper

Panda Helper is a Chinese app installer that is available in English now. it has a lot of amazing hacked games like Dragon Ball Z, Pokémon Go, Mobile Legends, Mortal Combat X, and much more. all these hacked games have more new additional features that make easy to play for users.

How to download Panda Helper

2: Ignition

Ignition is another in the list of third-party app installers. Ignition app has achieved success very quickly. in the beginning, just a few people knew about it.

But in just a few months it has got more success and now it remains top third-party app installers. you can use this app on your PC or Laptop. it has all the famous jailbreak apps like UnC0ver, Chimera, Electra, and more.

How to download Ignition

3: TutuApp Free

TutuApp is another also is a Chinese application and is now in the English language. it’s same as TweakBox and it has almost the same content as TweakBox that you can download for free even without jailbreak.

TutuApp is in 2 versions (Regular & VIP). The regular version, you can download free and for VIP version, you have to pay some money to download its VIP version. but there is an amazing way that helps you to download TutuApp VIP version for free.

How to download TutuApp

4: AppValley App

AppValley also is an amazing app installer that can be downloaded on both devices( Android & iOS ). AppValley is full of updated versions of apps including games, paid apps, and more.

It’s a really easy app to use and you don’t need to register your personal information. you can download it without Any root, jailbreak, & PC.

How to download AppValley

5: CokernutX

CokernutX is a new way to experience installation on your iPhone/iPad without having to jailbreak. you can download it for free and also you can download its every content without wasting a single penny.

It’s a really rising app in the long list of relative platforms and it has gained over 1 Million users worldwide and day by day the numbers of its users are increasing.

How to download CokernutX

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The Conclusion: Apps like tweakbox for iOS 12

So these are the 5 alternatives to TweakBox that you can download behalf on TweakBox if it will remove by Apple. thank you guys for reading this article, hope you like this post and if you like it then please share it and also visit daily on this website. because we update here every day new and helpful articles.