5 Free movie box apps – Download without jailbreak – iOS 12

5 Free movie box apps – According to the new updates, the most famous movie app has been shut down now. Yeah, it’s true, the movie box is no longer on the iOS devices so you can’t use it anymore. but don’t be disappointed because there are some more movie apps that are similar to the movie box.

Also, you can download them free and without jailbreak. after shut down the movie box, most of the iOS users are searching for the movie box alternatives on the web. So I want to tell them that without knowing about them don’t use them.

But if you guys read this article then you don’t need to search for the movie app alternatives on the web anymore. because I’ve listed some famous movie apps that are similar to the movie box and through this article, I’m going to show you the most famous movie apps and also I’ll tell you about them.

So without wasting any more time, let’s go ahead and have a look at these free movie box apps.

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5 Free Movie Box Apps

1: Bobby Movie

So the first app for the article is Bobby movie. this is the most famous app that allows you to watch your favorite movies, tv shows, & live streaming. you can download it free & without jailbreak. Bobby movie works in the same way as the Movie Box, and it is easy to navigate with a little background knowledge of Moviebox. Bobby movie is available for both platforms (Android & iOS).


  • All content, you can watch in the High-definition and you can change the resolution according to you.
  • It has many live channels.
  • You can find contents of all genres and languages.
  • You don’t need to jailbreak to download it.
  • It’s completely free of cost.

Download Bobby Movie

2: Kodi App

Kodi app is another famous movie app that allows you to watch your favorite tv shows, movies for free. it was launched by named Xbox Media Center (XBMC) and now we all know it by the Kodi name. with the help of thousands of add-ons, you can download video on the Kodi app. its interface works perfectly with the chrome cast and Kodi has apps for both platform(Android & windows).


  • Kodi helps you to play all the music including formats (mp3, FLAC, wav and WMA).
  • You can watch your favorite movies in any resolution that you want.
  • As the movie box, Kodi also doesn’t require any jailbreak or root.
  • You completely change the whole appearance of the interface with skins.

download Kodi app

3: Aero Tv

Aero Tv is another movie app in the relatives market that has almost the same features as movie box and if you are its new users then you can use it easily with the movie box’s knowledge. it’s also not the official app that means you can download it with an alternative way. but it’s completely safe and you can use it without hesitation.


  • You can download it easily.
  • Its interface completely simple.
  • Plenty of movies to choose from.
  • Refresh Channel allows you to see easily when new channels are added.
  • You can use it on all iOS devices.

Download Aero Tv App

4: Coto Movies

The fourth app for this post is Coto Movies. of course, most of you never heard about this but this is an amazing movie app and also one of the best alternatives to movie box. you should try this app definitely once on your iOS device. Coto Movies offers you a huge collection of on-demand content including the latest and from the past several years.


  • Coto Movies allows you to watch movies & Tv shows without investing the money.
  • Even it allows you to watch the latest content.
  • Coto Movies support all desired resolution including SD, 720 HD, and 1080 HD.
  • It’s a regularly updated app so you will see new content on the app almost every day.
  • Also, CotoMovies allows you to download the content to your Camera Roll or to files app.

Download Coto Movies

5: Tubi Tv

And the last but not least, Tubi Tv. as Coto Movies it’s also not famous app. but I’m pretty sure that you once you use it then it will really impress you by its amazing features. Tubi Tv is totally legally service so you can download it directly from the app store. Tubi Tv has thousands of hit movies and TV series that you can watch for free. it doesn’t require credit cards and subscription.


  • Watch all the movies, Tv Shows & series free.
  • Stream on the web at tubitv.com
  • Cast to your TV with Chromecast and Airplay
  • The best features it hat you can pick up watching where you left off.
  • It adds new videos every week.

Download Tubi Tv

The Conclusion

So these are the 5 free movie box apps and also the best alternatives to movie box. I’ve shown you just a few features of each app and you will know all features after using these apps. thank you guys for reading this and being with us. if you like it then please don’t forget to share it and also visit daily on this website for reading new and helpful articles.