New iPhone Tricks – 15 Tips and Tricks for iPhone 6 & Later – iOS 13

15 New iPhone Tricks – Hello guys, in this article, we are going to talk about 15 iPhone secrets tips and tricks that you might never hear about. these all tricks can be found on the iOS 13 as well.

An iPhone is not limited to making calls, taking photos, listening to songs. There are many things that we can do with our iPhone.

It doesn’t matter how long you are using an iPhone, I’m sure you probably don’t know these new iPhone tricks. of course, some of them are new that comes up with iOS 13

All these iPhone hacks will improve your experience and also will make your iDevice more powerful and helpful.

If you are a new user of iDevice & using the iPhone 6 or later then maybe you may face some problems in starting.

Because Apple’s every product is completely different from others and it’s really hard to understand its product while we are using it the first time.

Similarly, there are some people who are shifted from Android to iOS and it such a hard thing for Android users to use the iOS device.

If you are also a new iDevice user then don’t worry these 15 new iPhone tricks will help you to understand how iDevice actually works.

15 New iPhone Tricks

1: iOS 13 Volume HUD | New

New iPhone Tricks

With iOS 13 Apple has brought a new volume hud to iOS, which is really cool way better than the old one which was really really ugly and of course, it didn’t even have that feature which allows you to turn up or down the volume using your fingers.

Now, once you’re done turning up or down the volume then the volume hood will disappear. but you will be able to slide it in back again with your finger without having to press the buttons.

You can do that just like in the first couple of seconds once it’s removed from the screen then you can swipe right there and bring it back up and turn up or down the volume of your device.

It will only work like in the first couple of seconds after that you won’t be able to do that. but again once it’s gone just swipe right there and you will be able to bring back the volume hood and change the volume of your device without having to press the buttons at all.

2: Rearrange Tabs

New iPhone Tricks

On Safari on iOS 13, if you have a bunch of tabs open, all you gotta do is just go ahead and go to the landscape mode and then just press and hold basically 3d touch on one of the tabs and right there you will have the option to rearrange those tabs.

So you can rearrange them based on the title or you can go ahead and do the same. you can rearrange them based on the website. so you can see as easy as that you will be able to rearrange all the tabs that you have opened in Safari.

3: Bookmark all Tabs at the Same Time

New iPhone Tricks

If you have a few tabs open on Safari and you need to bookmark them then you don’t have to do that one-by-one.

Now, you can bookmark all of them at the same time by simply tapping and hold the bookmark icon and then you will have three options right there add bookmarks, add bookmarks for that tabs (the number of tabs of courses that you have opened), and add to the reading list then just go ahead and add a title right there click Save and now you’re good to go and once you go to your front page on Safari right here, you will see the folder there with of course all the tabs that you had opened and you have bookmark that’s the one right there.

4: Change Location of Saved Data (New iPhone Tricks)

There are a ton of new features on the Files app on iOS 13 and of course, there are some really really cool tricks. you can change the location of your data that you have saved on the files app. so if you want to change location then all you got to do is just tap select, select anything that you want then just tap this little folder right there

New iPhone Tricks

and you can go ahead and change the location of that item. just go any folder where you want to move that item and then click right there copy and you’re good to go that has been saved right there.

5: Save Notes in File App

A really cool trick on iOS 13 is that you can save notes to the files app. so all you gotta do is just go to one of your notes and just press the share button then just scroll down and you will have the ability to save to files app.

New iPhone Tricks

Just tap on it and it will show you the places where of course you can go ahead and save that note. now if you want to create a new folder then you can create a new folder from here. if you just want to create like a separate folder for your notes then you can do that from there.

6: Markup Picture

On the photos app on iOS 13, you will have the ability to mark up pictures. so all you gotta do is just go ahead and tap the edit button and once you have done then make sure to tap these three little dots right there and you will have the option to mark up pictures.

New iPhone Tricks

If you tap mark up then you will get like the same interface that you get when you take a screenshot.

New iPhone Tricks

so you will have all the mark-up tools and of course, you can use any one of them on your pictures and of course mark up any of your pictures as easy as that.

You will have the color picker everything here like the shapes, the magnifier, the signature, and you can add text to your pictures. so anything you want can be done directly from the Photos app. you don’t have like to download any third-party app.

So as easy as that you can go ahead and mark up any of your pictures directly from the photo editor on the Photos app on iOS 13.

7: Photo Editing ( New iPhone Tricks)

When editing pictures on iOS 13 and I believe you can do this on older iOS versions as well. you will have of course different filters that you can add to your pictures. so when adding a filter, of course, it will show you the picture how it looks with this filter applied.

But if you tap on the picture after applied filters then it will show you how it looks with the original soil. just tap on the picture and it will like for a couple of seconds and it will go back to the filter. so just tap to see the original and it will go back.

New iPhone Tricks

So as easy as that you can basically go ahead and compare how your picture looks originally and also with the new filter.

8: Swipe Up to Dismiss Widget Page.

When on the widgets panel you want to edit your widgets then you can tap the edit button and of course, you will have all the widgets right there. so what you want to dismiss then you will have to tap the dump button right there to remove that page.

New iPhone Tricks

But you can also just go ahead and just swipe up right there as easy as that, just swipe up from the bottom just like you do to dismiss an app on iOS 13 and all the iOS versions as well it will have just two swipe up right there and you won’t be able to dismiss the widgets page.

9: Unlock iPhone Faster

face ID is a really great feature on the iPhone it’s secure, it’s really reliable, and it’s of course very fast. but you can make it even faster just go to settings then go to face ID and passcode and make sure you disable require attention for face ID.

New iPhone Tricks

So what this does when you disable it is that it doesn’t require your full attention to unlock your device. so basically all you gotta do is just have like your iPhone just facing you, you don’t have to be fully looking at your phone with your eyes wide open.

But, of course, that will be a bit less secure, but it will be way faster so all you gotta do is just make sure you disable that and then even if you’re not looking straight in your phone it will still unlock your iPhone using your face ID.

10: Open all the Bookmarks that You Have Saved at the Same Time

Now another trick right here is that if you have like a folder with bookmarks and you want to open all the bookmarks that are within that folder.

So all you got to do is just 3D touch on the folder and then you can tap ‘open in new tabs’. so what it will do is that it will open all of those in different tabs, of course, all new tabs for all the bookmarks that have been saved into that folder.

11: Save Specific Part of Note in Files App

What if you have like a long text on the Notes app and you don’t want to save the complete note to the Files app and you just want to like save a few words like a paragraph or anything you want from a note or a specific part of a note. so you can do it simply, all you gotta do is just go ahead and select that and then just have the share button you can go ahead simply tap right there save the files and again you can go ahead and save that as a text file on the Files app.

12: Move Any Word On the Note App

On the Note app, you can move any word you want simply by 3D touching on that word. so 3D touch the word and you will be able to basically move it anywhere. once you can place that word up & down anywhere on the text then you will be able to move that word.

New iPhone Tricks

It will add like a little pillow around the word and you can just go ahead and place it anywhere you want and you get that awesome animation as well.

13: Make More Secure Password

If you don’t want to use a pin password then just go to the ‘Settings‘ then go to ‘General‘ and then go to ‘Passcode Lock‘ and from here just turn off the simple passcode then you can make your password more secure.

14: Stores Your Visited Locations

Did you know that Your iPhone stores your visited locations to help with GPS? if you want to how you can do it then navigate to ‘Settings‘ then go to ‘Privacy‘ then go to ‘Location Services‘ and then go to ‘System Services‘ to look at your frequent locations. You can opt-out of this service if you prefer.

15: PlayStation 4 Controller

The last but not least is PlayStation 4 controller, so what does it that If the Xbox controller support wasn’t enough, PlayStation gamers can also connect their wireless DualShock 4 controller to the iPhone to play games more easily.

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The Conclusion: New iPhone Tricks

So guys, these are the 15 new iPhone tricks that you can do on your iPhone. of course, some of them can be done only on the iOS 13 and I’m sure now almost every iPhone users have updated their device into the iOS 13. again I want to say that these tricks are not enough there are much more tricks that you can do with your iPhone and if you want to know more tricks then follow the link above that I have left in this articles. make sure you share this article to help other iDevice users.