How To Use Face ID on iPhone X

How to Use Face ID on iPhone X

How to use face ID on iPhone X. Without any doubt, it’s not wrong to say that iPhone X is the existing Coolest phone in the world and face ID is the most highlight feature of iPhone X. its feature does not make phone only smart. also, change the way to unlock the phone. How significant … Read more

How to get apple iPhone X dock on older iPhone models

Apple iPhone X dock

Apple iPhone X Dock. everybody knows that iPhone X comes with more new and amazing features. and it’s very different from all the old models of the iPhone and the best thing about it is that it has a really outstanding dock, which makes iPhone X look cool. but its price is also costly, which … Read more

How to Block Spam Text Messages & Calls on iPhone [Updated]

Block Spam Text & Calls On The iPhone – The text message that also known as SMS in a short form that everyone can use easily. in today’s world, SMS makes our many works easy. like we can send any information with the help of text messages to anyone. of course, we don’t need to … Read more

How to Move Apps on iPhone – Move App Icons & Make Folders on iPhone (iOS 11)

How to Move Apps on iPhone

Today I am gonna tell you “How to Move Apps on iPhone”or “How to make folders on iPhone”. So read on this article to know more about moving app icons on iPhone and creating folder for the apps on iPhone. We all love to downloading and trying new iOS applications on our iPhone and iPad, … Read more