How To Use Face ID on iPhone X

How to use face ID on iPhone X. Without any doubt, it’s not wrong to say that iPhone X is the existing Coolest phone in the world and face ID is the most highlight feature of iPhone X.

its feature does not make phone only smart. also, change the way to unlock the phone. How significant this smart feature, and how to Set up face ID. to knowing that keep reading this article.

Apple says that fingerprint touch ID can unlock by 1 people out of 50000. while face ID chance of another face matching is just 1 people out of 1,000,000. and you can unlock your iPhone X by face ID in various lighting conditions and also the in the dark room. and you can only register 1 face at a time.

How to use face ID on iPhone X


How to set up Face ID on iPhone X? ( How to use face ID on iPhone X )

While you set up Face ID then its have some rule than follow these rule.

  1. First of all, make sure that nothing is covering to the TrueDepth camera and your face.
  2. If you are wearing hats, glasses, scarves, sunglasses and contact lenses, then face ID can still work well.
  3. Whenever you unlock your iPhone X with Face ID. then you have to need to keep your phone closer (10-20 inches) from your face to get a better result.
  4. You can unlock iPhone with face ID. even, you wearing cosmetic makeup or growing facial hair.
  5. whenever facial recognition system finds any big changes in your face. like shave full beard. then it asks to identify by passcode before update your face ID data.

these all thing follow when you set up apple face detection feature.

So now let’s talk about How to Set up Face ID on iPhone X step by step. ( How to use face ID on iPhone X


1:- Go to the Settings on your iPhone X.

2:- Then Tap the Face ID and Passcode. Enter your passcode. if you are asked to do so.

3:- And now Tap on Set up Face ID.

4:- Next tap on the Get started.

5:- You just need to put your face inside the frame of your iPhone X screen. and make sure it showing up in the camera.

6:- Now move your head gently to complete the circle. if you can’t do that then tap on the Accessibility options.

7:- When the first scan is complete. you have to need to complete another one. move your head again into the same thing.

8:- After complete all terms then tap on the Done.


Also, keep in mind that set your passcode. if you are not set the passcode then you have to need to create it one because it’s an alternative way to verify your identity.


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How to Use Face ID on iPhone X.

  1. You have to need to wake up your device.screen (just pick up your iPhone X to wake up the screen (if you have enabled it—Settings > Display & Brightness > Raise. Or press the side button.)
  2. And now you need to look at the screen of your device. and make sure to keep your eyes open while you unlock your iPhone X.


DIsable Face ID.

If you want to disable your Face ID then These steps.

1: First, go to the “Settings

2: Then Tap on “Face ID & Passcode

3: And now tap on “Reset Face ID

This will remove Face ID data from your device, including the mathematical representation of your face.


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