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How to use Apple iPhone X Animoji. As All you knowing that Apple iPhone X have more incredible features. And the face scan is the most attracting feature in the Apple iPhone X. Which not only unlocks the device but also breathes life into emojis using your voice and facial expressions.

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Apple says ( Apple iPhone X ).

To scan 50 muscles of your face and analyze expression of your face. Apple iPhone X is used Face ID feature. And you can send these animated talking characters to anyone. who is using iOS device or smartphone?

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How to use Animoji in Apple iPhone X.

You can use this feature simply. and these all images you can find at the same place. where you access other message stickers on your texting keyboard. in your texting keyboard. you will see a monkey sticker. and it’s mark of Animoji. ‘There are dozen characters stickers including a panda, unicorn, and robot.

You can choose any one of these 12 stickers to send your friends. and after your selection, just look on your iPhone X display to line up your face with Animoji frame. then tap on the Red button to record a video up to 10 long.

And after record your face video. you can see your creation before sending it to your other person. to see your creation just click on the Replay button. and you can use the same recording of your face by just click on the select another character. then send to other people by just tap on the upwards arrow.

Apple iPhone X


You can also use these Animoji in the message for decorating the message. It’s done the same way as sending a video. but don’t press the record button, just tap and hold that character. which you want to send and drag it up to the message. then it’s sent automatically.

If you like any emoji. then you can save these Animoji in your message. just press the character in your message and after that, just swipe up that emoji. then it will save in your message for sending in the future.


iPhone X users have already gone to town with these Animojis to make these cute characters say dirty things and sing karaoke, including this beautiful rendition of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”:


Verge says.

The Verge says about this feature in an article that it’s a development in the voicemails that are more personalized and engaging,

Don’t forget that features making Animojis possible, the Face ID system and TrueDepth camera, has already faced criticism related to privacy issues and security concerns. Fans of Black Mirror have noted how the show — as it often does — predicted the future existence of these Animojis in an episode that featured a cartoon bear named Waldo that took on a life of its own and successfully ran for office.


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