Top 10 Apple iPhone X hidden features

Today we are going to show you the Top 10 Apple iPhone X hidden features. iPhone X has launched after the iPhone 8, both the models released in the same year but the date of release is different. iPhone 8 was released on 22, September 2017 and iPhone X was released on 3 November 2017.

This is the 10th-anniversary edition of the iPhone. iPhone X has comes with new features like it has a taller display, face ID, and they have removed the home button and also more hidden features.

If you want to buy a new or second-hand iPhone then there are some features of the iPhone X that you must definitely know. so In this article, we are going to tell you about the 10 best iPhone features that you need to know. this post is helpful for advanced iPhone users too so advanced users will also learn something new in this post.

10 Amazing iPhone X Hidden Features

1: iPhone X hidden feature is 4K recording

Enable 4K video on iPhone X. if you bought a brand new iPhone X then it will record regularly 1080p video quality and it will record video only in 1080p quality unless you do not enable 4K video quality in it. so you can enable 4K video recorder in iPhone X by following the steps below.

Steps: First go to the Settings> Camera> Record Video> 4K video at 60 fps.


iPhone X hidden features

2: How To Add Home Virtual Button To Your iPhone X

So as I said above Apple has removed the home button and the screen stretches across. of course, it’s a really cool new feature, Which we have never seen before on the iPhone.

But there are some problems because of this new screen dimension, some third-party developers haven’t had a chance to really make their apps look good on the full screen.

So now I will show you how you can set this up right now. Apple gives you a gesture home button in the iPhone X. you can use to access home, control center, notifications, Siri, it is really cool and it’s right there just like as if you had a home button on your device. if you tap home of course it brings you back home as you would expect.

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Steps: First go to the Settings> General> Accessibility> Assistive Touch.

iPhone X hidden features

3: Unlock iPhone With Face ID (iPhone X hidden features)

Unlock your phone with your face, this is the biggest new change to the iPhone next to the screen. Since they got rid of the home button that means no more fingerprint sensor. and instead, the true depth camera can analyze your face and store the data as a mathematical representation of what you look like.

So you can configure Face ID in many ways. By default, you need to actively watch your phone to trigger Apple’s new face recognition technology.

In this way, anyone can unknowingly point your phone to your face when you are sleeping or looking elsewhere. But it doesn’t work if you’re blind, or wear thick sunglasses that block a certain kind of infrared light (940nm). Head over to the Settings app to disable it.

4: Stop Alarm With Your Face

This one is also one of the best features of the iPhone X. so when we set up an alarm to wake up early in the morning or go to school and college and when it rings in the morning then we press the snooze or stop button to stop the alarm.

But in the iPhone X, you can stop the alarm with your face ID. so when it will see your face then it’ll automatically lower the volume.

5: Animoji

This is a very strange feature for those who are involved in interaction addiction. this one has become the most popular feature in the iPhone X. with the help of this amazing feature, you can make your funny face with your voice and use it as an animation.

In it, you can swipe between different animations and you can still change the video if you complete the recording using one of them. The hidden trick after recording your message is around to change the character of the animation, And after creating an Animoji, you can save it to send it in the future.

6: Disable Face ID Quickly

Sometimes it happens that someone takes your phone from you then wants to open it with his face or repeatedly bothers you to open the lock.

So don’t worry you can disable face ID with the shortcut key. Apple gives you a shortcut way to disable face ID in the iPhone X. just simply hold one of the side buttons and volume buttons on the iPhone X. default to your passcode to unlock. Entering your passcode will re-activate your Face ID.

7: Fast charging

iPhone X is the support for fast charging. it takes just 30 minutes to go 0% to 50%. this feature is also valid for iPhone 8 & 8plus. if you are using a USPC charger for charging your iPhone then it will charge fastly. It also comes with a wireless adapter. but if you charge your iPhone X with the wireless adapter then maybe it will not be able to charge so fast.

8: Slow wireless charging

Prior to the arrival of the iPhone X, the users of the iPhone were very happy that the wireless charging system is coming in iPhone X.

But I want to tell you that The iPhone X’s wireless charger is 0.7.5 output. But all Samsung’s latest model charger is 15-volt output. iPhone X’s wireless charger, charge to iPhone up to 2x slower in comparison to Samsung.

9: How to take a Screenshot

if you want to take a screenshot on the iPhone X. then I want to tell you that it’s almost the same as more mobile. so just hold the power button with the volume button to take a screenshot.

10: Notch

Apple gives a notch on the top of the screen in the iPhone X. most people think that what is it. what is the use of notch? so I want to tell you that. If you swipe down from the right side of the Notch then the control panel will open and from the left side notification bar will open.

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