How to get apple iPhone X dock on older iPhone models

Apple iPhone X Dock. everybody knows that iPhone X comes with more new and amazing features. and it’s very different from all the old models of the iPhone and the best thing about it is that it has a really outstanding dock, which makes iPhone X look cool. but its price is also costly, which many people can’t afford. actually, some people are like to use iPhone X and because of its price, they are can’t fulfill their dream. so, here you can get new features on your older iPhone with the Apple dock.

Get Apple iPhone X Dock On Your Older iPhone Models

We want to tell you that iPhone’s developers have backported much all user interface features of its and the dock is an integral part of iPhone Beauty and you should use it on your older iPhone models as well.

Of course, you can use it on older models of Apple like iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6, which is compatible with the iOS 10 or 11.

Apple iPhone X dock

We are showing you here three methods then you can use the new amazing UI element on your Apple iPhone device by following these methods.

  1. Install a jailbreak tweak: Install a jailbreak tweak on your device is recommended for you. like always, for applying a modification or perform a certain function installing a tweak is still one of the best Methods.
  2. Applying Anemone themes on your device: The second method is Applying Anemone themes. we can say that it’s good or not. because some Anemone themes also work well but they are low on features. and Anemone themes is also slow down the engine of your device.
  3. Wallpaper method: The wallpaper method is another and the last method. which is floating around. In this method, you have to use new wallpaper. which already has the round edges of this new dock. I want to tell you clearly that it does not really make any changes to the dock.

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Download iPhone X dock themes.

1: To download iPhone X dock (for plus).  Click here

2: To download iPhone X dock (for non-plus).  Click here

3: To download SE theme (for iPhone SE only).  Click here

Install Apple iPhone X dock on iPhone 8, 7, 6, and other old models

IOS 11-11.1.2

Here are giving you some themes download link above. you can choose any themes which you like. but keep in mind that choose only that theme, which is related to your device.

But remember that, don’t use the wrong version of a theme on your Apple Device otherwise the result is a stretched-out dock and I want to tell you that these themes will not work on any iPad device.

Alternatively, you can use LittleX. it’s a new jailbreak tweak. which is developed by Andrew Wiik.

IOS 10-10.3.3

It’s easy to install a new dock on iOS 10. Because in this you can just grab one tweak and It can apply changes.

It can work without a download of Anemone or Winterboard theme.

Here are 2 Tweaks that port the iPhone X dock to iOS 10.

  1. DockXI for iOS 10 (recommended)
  2. RoundDock

It’s a very good point that all iOS 10 versions up to iOS 10.3.3 now have a jailbreak. and you can install the tweak by using Cydia.

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