Top 10 Best Ways To Save iPhone X Battery [100% Working]

10 Best Ways To Save iPhone X Battery – everyone knows that the iPhone X is the current hottest smartphone in the world. Apple gives many advanced features in the iPhone X. like OLED display, New Camera design, Face ID, and lots of cool features. Which are attracts people to the iPhone X. Although, many people have complained about the iPhone X battery. And these troubles often happen after updating ios 11.2 software. But don’t worry, because are here to solve this issue. you must just follow some battery saving tips. then you can save your iPhone X or 8 battery easily.

10 Best Ways To Save iPhone X Battery

1: Restart Your iPhone

Whenever the iPhone X’s battery comes in drains faster when charging, sleeping, or not in use then first restart your iPhone X. the restart method in the iPhone X is a little bit different from the older iPhone. so follow the steps below to restart your iPhone.

  • Press the Volume Up button quickly and release.
  • Press the Volume down button quickly and release.
  • Then press and hold the side button until you see an apple icon on your iPhone screen.

best way to save iPhone X battery

2: Clear Background Apps

Clear background apps, some people think that It’s just a little thing and they forget to close all the apps that are running in the background. actually, those applications, which are running in the background on your phone are eating your phone battery.

So you have to need clear all background app then you can save your phone battery easily. Now you have a question in your mind that how can you clear background application in the iPhone X. because Apple is not giving any button on the screen in the iPhone X. so don’t worry, you can close all background apps on iPhone by following these step.

Follow:- Swipe your finger up from the bottom of the iPhone screen and hold your finger on the screen. now, press and hold your finger on the screen and swipe up to close all apps one by one.

Best way to save iPhone X battery

3: Download The Latest Update is Another Best Way To Save iPhone X Battery

Apple continues to release new iOS software updates periodically to fix problems and former versions and sometimes our mobile battery drops quickly. so don’t worry, just go to the Settings then tap on General and now tap on the Software update to update the latest version of iOS.

Best way to save iPhone X battery

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4: Turn On Low Power Mode In Your iPhone X

If iPhone X has less than 20% battery then iPhone X automatically goes into low power mode. although, you can go into the low power mode anytime. because it will disable some features of your iPhone X. like, AirDrop, iCloud Sync. and it’s a really good way to save your phone battery.

To going into low power mode follow these steps: First, go to the Settings > Battery > Toggle on low power mode.

Best way to save iPhone X battery

5:  Disable Raise to Wake on Your iPhone

There are so many things In a smartphone that consume a little battery of your phone and “Raise to Wake” is also one of them. this feature will turn on your iPhone X screen. so if you are once pick up it then it will eat some battery of your phone.

To disable ‘Raise to wake’: go to the Settings > Display and brightness to toggle off. it’s another best way to save your iPhone X battery.

6: Turn Off Mobile Data

Sometimes we forget to turn off our cellular data that can consume battery. so please make sure that you have turned off your phone data when you don’t use the internet.

7: Use WiFi on Your iPhone

It’s not strange for some iPhone users that the Cellular network consumes batteries faster than WiFi. try to use WiFi as long. because it’s a little thing that can save your phone’s more battery.

8: Reset All iPhone Settings

Well, these tips can save your battery. But even after following all these tips, if your iPhone’s battery is still not lasting long then you have one more option and reset all settings on your device.

To reset all phone settings: First, go to the Settings then tap on General and now tap on reset and after that tap on the Reset all settings.

Best way to save iPhone X battery

9: Downgrade iOS On Your iPhone

If you update the latest software on iPhone X then it makes your phone battery draining faster than the last version of the update. so, you can downgrade to the old version of your phone update. if you don’t mind it. you can directly go back to the former version by restoring it. but you have to need to have the backup on iTunes.

10:- Restore All Factory Settings of Your iPhone

If still, any tips don’t work for you then don’t be disappointed. because we have another and last tip for your problem. Restore all factory settings of your iPhone X. but when you are going to restore all factory settings then don’t forget to create the backup of your device. just connect your iPhone to the computer and once it detected then open iTunes and click on the phone icon and after that, click on the “Restore iPhone” option to get your device to its original state.

The Conclusion:

I hope these all tricks will definitely work for you. these all the best ways to save the iPhone X battery. So, if you like this article then please don’t forget to share it with your friends and on social media to help others. also, don’t forget to visit daily on this website for reading more new articles like this one.