How to Move Apps on iPhone – Move App Icons & Make Folders on iPhone (iOS 11)

Today I am gonna tell you “How to Move Apps on iPhone”or “How to make folders on iPhone”. So read on this article to know more about moving app icons on iPhone and creating folder for the apps on iPhone.

We all love to downloading and trying new iOS applications on our iPhone and iPad, our Home Screen on iPhone or iPad fill up quickly because of our habits of downloading any apps from Apple App Store, & our iPhone Home Screen looks like, it is made by Apps icons. With this situation, we all should organize those apps into folders that you can label too.

So if you are new or don’t know How to Move Apps on iPhone than don’t worry because today I am going to share the complete quick guide on how do I move apps on my iPhone and I will share my quick method and you will see your home screen will look like a completely organized screen.

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How to Move Apps on iPhone

Creating folders is quite easy once you get into this thing, and you can then create new folders on iPhone for all the different categories of applications you have on your iPhone. Like, on my iPhone, I have created folders dedicated to Apple Apps, Games, Productivity, Social Media, and folders like this.

Why You Should Make Folders Move Apps iPhone

Folders are one of the best ways to organize your apps because you can only focus on category you want to try on your phone, for example, If you have dedicated folder for your social media apps, then whenever you want to use Facebook App then you knows where the app is located, so it will be quite easy to land on the app and it saves lot of time.

So once you know, How to make folders on your iPhone, you will just end up with all your apps in folders. So let’s begin the complete process:

How Do I Movie Apps on My iPhone?

How to Move Apps on iPhone
How to Move Apps on iPhone

When you want to move an app icon on your iPhone Home Screen, simply follow the steps given below:

  • Hold your fingertip on the app icon until the icon starts wiggle automatically.
  • iPhone users with 3D Touch (iPhone 6 & Above Models) will face some issue because sometimes the 3d touch pops out but you need to understand the holding time on icons.
  • Then put your finger on the app you want to move and drag it into the space you want to move it.
  • If you moving the icon to a different home screen, drag the app to the edge of the screen.
  • It’s good to note that dragging an app from one home screen to another takes a bit of finesse. Sometimes, it works perfectly fine for me.
  • Now tap your home button when you want the apps to stop wiggling and back to the normal home screen.

How to Make Folders on iPhone

How to Make Folders on iPhone
How to Make Folders on iPhone
  • Hold your finger on an app until they all move.
  • Now drag one app directly into another app location and when they meet, the app will merge into one folder.
  • Now you will see that your folder will make and give you an option to Name it so gives it a name like social media apps if you make that folder for Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram type apps.

Final Thoughts:

So we hope you like this post on How to Move Apps on iPhone and now you know the complete procedure how do I move apps on iPhone and now you also can do this. If you like this post, share it with your friends and family on social media handles.