How to Play Youtube videos in background on the iOS 12 device

Play Youtube videos in background – Hello guys, in today’s article, we are going to show you how you can play YouTube videos in background on your iOS 12 device.

You can do it without jailbreak your iOS device. however, if you play any video on YouTube official app and then if you want to run any other app at the same time then YouTube videos will pause.

But if you follow these 2 methods then you can play videos in the background and also you can run other apps at the same time. so let’s go further and learn how you can do it.

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Play YouTube videos in background with 2 easy method

1: Play YouTube videos in background by using Safari

The first method that we will show is kind of old. but it’s still working on iOS 12 and there are always different tricks to make it work even though.

It’s basically the same method it’s using the Safari app. so what you need to do is visit youtube on Safari of course and request the desktop site.

You can do that by holding the refresh button and then tap on request desktop site and from there all you have to do is of course just have to play any video that you want.

Do tap to play the video and once you have done that go ahead and close the video and get out of the app. now you will see it will pause the video.

Now what you need to do is just come back and tap play here once again and get out and now you will have the video playing in the background. you will also have the little layer.

If you out of the app then you can go to the lockscreen and then you will see that you will have the video right there playing in the background. as easy is that you can play youtube videos on the background using the Safari app on iOS 12.

2: Play YouTube videos in background by using the banana video app

The second method is using the free app that you can get from the app store. the banana video, this is pretty much a copy of the YouTube app.

But it allows you to play the videos in the background. if you open this app then you will have the browser then you will have subscribed and then you will have library playlist and search all that. so you can search for any video or channel.

Just go ahead and play any video. so it’s very very simple all you need to do is just play the videos and you can get out of the app and you will still have the videos playing on the background.

So it’s as easy as that. this is much easier than using the Safari app. but if you don’t want to have this app installed then you can, of course, use Safari.

But as I said the banana video is a very very easy method. it’s really amazing and the app is free as well. so you can go ahead and get it from the app store for free.

The Conclusion

So that is it for this article guys. this is how you can play YouTube videos in background on your iOS 12 device. thank you for watching.

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