Cydia iOS 11 tweaks – Best tweaks of the second of October 2018

Cydia iOS 11 tweaks – Hello guys, in today’s article, we are going to share with you best Cydia iOS 11 tweaks. guys, these tweaks are the best tweaks of the Second week of October 2018. if you have already jailbreak your iOS 11 device then you can take advantage of these tweaks.

But if still, you have not done it then you have to jailbreak your iOS 11 device and then you can take advantage of these tweaks. so let’s go ahead and have a look at these best Cydia iOS 11 tweaks.

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5 Best Cydia iOS 11 tweaks

1: CC Ringer

Cydia iOS 11 tweaks

CC ringer is pretty awesome and very useful as well. it allows you to change the ringer volume from the control center. so if you go into the control center then you will see the slider, where you can change the volume of the device.

If you tap on the volume ringer then you will see it will remove that ringer icon. if you tap once again it will show the ringer icon and then you change the volume of the ringer without this. you just changed the volume of the device really awesome and very useful as well.

2: Cydia XI Style

Cydia iOS 11 tweaks

Cydia XI style, this tweak will redesign the homepage of Cydia and giving it a more modern look. you can see in the image above the iOS 11 style just like the app store that we have on our iPhones. now Cydia will have this awesome new design. if you install this tweak then you can see that this is a new design.

So you will have some featured like themes, tweak of the day, theme of the day, new themes. you will have here nostalgic and then you will have all that essential very very awesome and you can see the design looks really great and much needed like redesigned for Cydia and it also have a new design down at the bar.

But the other pages are the same. so if you go to the other pages then you will see the same old design. it will just change the front page the home screen of Cydia.

3: Roman Keypad 

Cydia iOS 11 tweaks

The Roman keypad will customize the passcode screen. it will change the normal numbers to Roman numerals. you can see in the image above. it looks pretty awesome.

So go to the settings of the tweak and see what you will have there. so you will have phone keypad Style and passcode keypad styles. you can do the same with phone keypad turn them into Roman numerals and you can also replace nulla into the zero by enabling the given toggle.

4: More Frequently Used Emojis

More frequently used emojis, this tweak will add more frequently used emojis on your keyboard. so by default, there is 30 recently used emojis. but with this tweak, you will have 50 instead of 30 which is the default of iOS.

5: No Thumbnail

So now basically launch up the camera application and normally there’s like a thumbnail on the bottom left corner there. but this tweak no thumbnail it’s not gonna appear on the bottom. so for privacy reasons, this is an awesome tweak.

The Conclusion

So that’s it for this article guys. these are the best Cydia iOS 11 tweaks for the second week of October 2018. we hope you guys enjoy the article.

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