Top 10 Custom Shortcuts for iPhone and iPad on iOS 12 **MUST HAVE**

Top 10 iOS 12 Custom Shortcuts – Hello guys, In today’s article we are going to show you the top 10 iOS 12 Custom shortcuts that you must have on your iOS 12 device. Apple launches a new app called shortcuts with the iOS 12.

Here are the top 10 shortcuts that you can get by just clicking on given links. so let’s go further and have a look at these custom shortcuts and talk about what’s new in these shortcuts.

10 Custom Shortcuts for the iOS 12 device

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1: Backup Your Shortcuts

Backup your shortcuts – Of course, it does what it says. it will do a backup of all the shortcuts that you have. just tap on it and all these shortcuts will back up on the files apps. so anytime you accidentally delete a shortcut or anything happens. you can go to your files app. you will find there a folder called backup and you can find your shortcuts right there.

2: Toggle Max Brightness

Toggle max brightness – So this allows you to quickly toggle the brightness to your maximum and once you turn it off then it will bring it back to the current state that you have it. so if you tap on it then it will take you to the max and if you tap once again then it will bring you to the previous state, that it was.

3: Item Lookup

Item Lookup – This allows you to scan a barcode or a QR code and it will look up for that item on Amazon target or Walmart. so just tap on it and just place an object to scan. once it scans the barcode then it will go ahead and give you a pop-up and you can go ahead and search for that item as easy as that. so that’s really really amazing.

4: Battery Mode

Battery Mode – If you tap on it then it will tell you the percentage of your battery and will also recommend you a mode. so you will have different modes to enter, which will save the battery of your device.

5: Dark Mode

Dark mode – This is for the Safari app. so just go to Safari and this shortcut will allow you to enable the dark mode on websites in Safari. so just tap the share button and you will see shortcuts right there. if you don’t see shortcuts then just tap on the share button and slide to the last and you can enable it from there. so once you enable the shortcuts right there. just tap on it and it will show you your shortcuts. so click on dark mode and click run shortcut then click allow and now on that website, you will have the dark mode enable.

6: Change Font

Change font – It’s also for Safari. so once again go to the Safari and click on the share button then click on shortcuts tab and then click on the change font. this one will allow you to change the font on Safari. so just tap there click on the run shortcut and you will have different fonts that you can choose from. so just choose one of them then click allow and it will change the font.

7: Markup Screenshot

Markup screenshot – It allows you to mark up any of your screenshots. all you have to do is to select that screenshot then click done and now it will give you the option to markup that screenshot as easy as this. once it’s done then click on the done button and you can share it or you can save it to the camera roll of your device.

8: Clipboard

Clipboard – This allows you to edit your clipboard. so you can see in the image. once it happened it. it will show your clipboard and you can edit anything that you have copied on your clipboard as easy as that. just go ahead and edit and click ok and it will save.

9: Image Resizer

Image resizer – It allows you to resize your images. just go ahead and pick any image that you want, click done and then you can go ahead and you will have the custom size or presets. so you just go ahead and enter that size which you want to resize your image. so that’s really really cool.

10: Respring

Respring – It allows you to respring your device. So for any reason, you want to respring your iOS 12 device. you just click on this shortcut and you’re good to go. it will actually respring your device.

The Conclusion

So that is it for this article guys. these are the top 10 custom shortcuts for your iOS 12 device. go ahead and give them a try. hope you will like these custom shortcuts and article. so if you like these custom shortcuts and article then please don’t forget to share this with your friends, family members, and on the social media and also visit daily on this website. because we update here every day new and helpful article.