Get this Movie box alternative for iPad & iPhone from the app store

Movie box alternative for iPad & iPhone – Hey guys, today we are going to share with you an app that you can get directly from the app store for free. guys, this app is a movie app that allows you to watch movies, tv shows, and live streaming for free.

However, if you are going to download any third-party app for watching movies and tv shows then maybe you have to jailbreak your iOS device and even if you download any third-party app without jailbreak then it will get revoke after some time from your device by Apple.

But this app will never remove from your device. Because Apple itself offer you this app. but you have to download this app hurry. because Apple can delete this app any time from the app store. so guys, Cinema time is that app, which allows you to watch movies, live streaming, and tv shows for free.

You can get this app by just clicking on the given link. this link will redirect you on the app store, from where you can get this app. so let’s go further and talk about this app.

Click here to download this app

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Get this Movie box alternative for iPad & iPhone

Cinema time, it allows you to watch tv shows and movies for free. so it’s really awesome. if you open this app then you will see UI of the app and this is basically the first page the discover page is all we need. so you will have some featured, TV shows, and movies and then you will have there a search bar, where you can search for any movie or TV show that you want to watch.

How to use it

So using it is very simple, all you have to do is just search or select any movie or tv show that you want to watch. just go ahead tap on it and just tap on the red play button right there and you’re good to go. so tap there to play the movie and wait for the app to download the links, from where you can watch that movie as easy as that.

Just go ahead pick one link then it will show you the websites. also, it shows you the resolution of the movie you pick which one you want to play and go ahead tap there and wait for the movie to load is as easy as that.

You have to just wait for a few seconds and some movies will take a bit longer, some movies will load faster and that’s also based on the website from where you are playing and if the movie loaded and then it will start playing.

so it’s as easy as that you can watch any movie or tv shows from the app called cinema time. the app is free of course you will have a few ads there.

But it’s really awesome. it’s UI is really amazing a very nice design and simple to use as we said. go ahead and download it right now from the app store as it will get removed pretty fast.

The Conclusion

So that’s it for this article guys. this is cinema time you can get this movie box alternative for iPad or iPhone for free from the app store. just go ahead and search for cinema time or you can click on the given link to get this movie box alternative for iPad or iPhone that’s it.

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