Best wallpaper apps for iPhone X, XS and XS MAX – ALL FREE!!

Best wallpaper apps for iPhone X or later – Hello everyone, today we have come back with a few best wallpaper apps for iPhone X, Xs, and Xs max that you can get from the app store for free. guys, these best wallpaper apps for iPhone X or later gives you a ton of new and high-resolution wallpapers. if you will download any wallpaper from any app then you can crop it and still, it will look like high resolution. so let’s go further and have a look at these apps.

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Best Wallpaper apps for iPhone X, Xs, and Xs max

1: Zedge

Zedge is a lot more of a robust app on Android than it is for iOS. but there’s still a ton. this app has to offer the iPhone what we love about Zedge is that it always offers high-resolution images that are organize in a really easy to use interface.

If you open this app then you can scroll through the wallpapers in this tile view and click on the ones you’re like in to blow them up and what’s great is that the app is optimize for the iPhone 10.

So you can get a realistic sense of what the wallpaper will look like.

Before you actually download it you can search by category you can even customize them with stickers or calendars and once you’re ready to download just click the button down and it’ll save to your photos.

2: Unsplash

Unsplash is a super popular website, where a lot of users go to get wallpapers for their desktops and the app for the iPhone. brings all those gorgeous wallpapers to your phone.

The photos are shared by photographers all over the world and then these make for incredible backgrounds.

Especially, awesome if you’re into that artistic look then you can search by category the photos are high-resolution and super easy to download.

The only minor setback with this app is that the images are not optimize for the iPhone 10 and if you want the wallpaper to take up the entire screen.

It’ll have to be cropped. now good thing is you don’t lose a lot of image quality in the process and these photos look so good even if they’re cropped and sometimes they come out even better than they.

3: Background 

Background is an extremely creative app that takes the stunning images from Unsplash. but leverages the iPhone 10s advanced hardware to not only give you a view of what the wallpapers would look like on your display. but also make for really unique user experience.

Back on optimizes the image from Unsplash to fit the entire screen and goes a step further by leveraging the bones accelerometer to allow you to move the image around the display to see all the different ways of wallpaper can be place.

Once you find the positioning you like, all you have to do is force touch on the display itself and then its downloaded to your photos.

It is an extremely creative useful and interactive way to customize the look and feel of your iPhone 10 and has quickly become one of my favorite apps out there.

4: Turn Live

Turn live allows you to not only access a ton of stock high-resolution still and live wallpapers. but it also gives you the ability to create your own.

You can either use a video you shot in the past or use the iPhone 10 camera to shoot a short clip, which then turn live makes into a live wallpaper for your lockscreen.

This app is surprisingly easy to use. just pick the video that you want to use as your background. click up the specific part of the video would you want to keep and once you’re ready to go then turn on will ask how many times you’d like it to loop and then it will process a live paper for you and save it to your photos.

Turn live also give you the ability to make live wallpapers using saved gifs, burst photos, panoramas, and created slideshows and of course if you don’t want to create your own.

There’s a bunch that turns live that you can download look amazing a really cool and simple app to use. especially, if live wallpapers are your jam. so definitely check them out you can have a lot of fun with this one.

5: Atlas

Atlas is an app that gives you a high-resolution bird’s-eye view of a specific geographic location. but you can either search for it by typing in the search bar below or by using your phone’s GPS system to pinpoint the current location you’re in.

Once you do you get essentially a map of the location you inputted, which based on what location you picked can look pretty cool.

The app then gives you the ability to customize the look by moving the map around and then giving you the choice to select some unique color schemes.

If you have done just click on save wallpaper and it will save to your photos.

The Conclusion

Thank you for reading this article guys. so guys, these are the best wallpaper apps for iPhone X, Xs, and Xs. so guys go ahead and get these best wallpaper apps for iPhone X or later.

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