5 Ways to Play YouTube Videos in Background on iPhone – iOS 12

Play YouTube videos in Background on iPhone

Play YouTube Videos in Background on iPhone – Whenever we are in the mood to listening to songs then most people go for YouTube. because YouTube is the only way, where we can find every single song. But one annoying fact about the YouTube that it does not allow their users to background play. Actually, … Read more

How to download Kodi app on iOS 12 | No jailbreak – [100% Working]

How to download Kodi app

How To Download Kodi App On iOS 12 – This step by step guide will help you to download Kodi app on your iOS 12 devices without jailbreak. the official app store doesn’t have Kodi app, that doesn’t mean that you can’t download it on the iOS devices. if you have a jailbroken device then with … Read more

New movie Box alternative – Watch free movies in HD on iPhone

How to watch free movie HD

How To Watch Free Movies In HD – Do you think? the number of free movie apps are just a few on the app store, while Android is known only for providing free movies app to their users. Well, this is not the truth. because iOS users have unlimited numbers of movie apps. I know … Read more

New iPhone apps 2019 – 10 must-have apps for iPhone – iOS 12

New iPhone Apps 2019

New iPhone Apps 2019 – Hello guys, today I’ll show you my top 10 new iPhone apps of 2019. also, I’ll show you how to use them on your device. so if you are looking for the best iPhone apps then here are 10 new iPhone apps that are best of 2019. you can download … Read more

How get tweaked apps on iOS 12 without Jailbreak – [New Way]

How to get tweaked apps

How To Get Tweaked Apps – The Apple app store provides countless apps & games and most of them we can download for free and some of them are paid. but still, many iOS users can’t find some apps on the app store and it happens due to strict rules of Apple. In that case, … Read more

10 Must needed apps for iPhone – Download from the App store

Must needed apps

10 Must needed apps for iPhone – Hello guys, today I will show you guys 10 must needed apps for iPhone that you must have on your device and you probably never heard of them but they are very useful apps. these are apps that are not that famous but they are really must needed apps. … Read more

How to set video as live wallpaper on iPhone & iPad | iOS 12

set video as live wallpaper

Set Video As The live Wallpaper On iPhone & iPad – Hello guys, today I have something really cool to share with you guys. set a wallpaper photo on the smartphones is too old. And it’s time to do something new so in this article, I will going to show you how you can set … Read more

Change iPhone settings – 10 settings that you should change now

Change iPhone settings

Change iPhone settings – Hello guys, today I will show you guys 10 iPhone settings that you should change right now. changing iPhone these settings will improve the overall user experience your privacy and of course, also will make the battery life last longer. guys, with these settings, go ahead and change them right away on … Read more

How to download & install soundcloud++ on iOS 12 – No Jailbreak

Install SoundCloud++

Install SoundCloud++ on iOS 12 – Hello readers, are you looking for the best music app for your iPhone then you don’t have any better choice than SoundCloud++. music is very helpful for entertain us and especially when we want To relieve stress. Sometimes we feel bored especially when we are alone and don’t have … Read more

Free movie app for iOS 12 – Get it before it get banned from the app store

Free movie app for iOS 12

Free movie app for iOS 12 – Hello guys, today I’m going to tell you about an amazing free movie app for iOS 12 that you can download directly from the app store that means you don’t need to jailbreak or any type of roots. Yeah, this awesome free movie app, you can download for free … Read more