How to put apple device into recovery mode

We are gonna show you today that How to put apple device into recovery mode. if your Apple device can’t work well. even you already shut down or restart it.

so you can fix any problem. which is related to the software by just putting into the recovery mode of your iPhone or iPad or we can also force to restart our device to back their device in normal working.

usually, we can fix our Apple devices many problems by just restarting it. but if some problems can’t fix by restarting then we have to need to put our apple device into recovery mode.

What is Recovery mode (apple device into recovery mode)?

Recovery mode is a mode in iOS devices. when our iPhones, iPads, or iPod does not work well or they are jailbroken or their iOS firmware is unable to use any more. and something wrong happened to them.

so, we can restore our iPhones, iPads, or iPod with the recovery mode and also can easily update our iOS firmware or iOS version. and restore the device with the IPSW file.

then your device will work normally after the restoring with the IPSW file. and Also, with recovery mode, you can exit your device from a Beta version.

We can use Recovery mode in two ways. first, if you want to restore your iPhone, iPad, iPod and you don’t know the passcode the entry password. then you can Restore your devices by using the recovery mode. and the second way is, We can also use the Recovery mode, when we want to downgrade our Devices.

For Example: I want to tell you that if your iOS version is 9. so you can downgrade it into iOS 9, 8 by just using the recovery mode.

How to Put Your Apple device into recovery mode.

apple device into recovery mode


1:- Shut down your iPhone, iPod Touch screen, iPad.

2:- Press and hold the power button for just three second. then tap on the power off to shut down your device.

3:- After that connect your Apple device into Computer, laptop or mac by the data cable. make yourself sure that iTunes is running and everything works ok.

4:- After connect your Apple device to the computer, laptop, or mac. press and hold the home button until you will see the Apple logo on your device screen.

5:- When you see the connect to itunes on your Apple device screen then release the home button. after that your device put into the recovery mode.


How to exit Your Apple device from Recovery Mode (apple device into recovery mode).

  1. For the exit your Apple device from the recovery mode. just power off your device.To power off your device just press and hold the power button minimum 10 second.
  2. And now turn on your Apple device.To turn on your Apple device just press and hold again the power button minimum 3 or 4 second.


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