Top 20 iOS 13 New Features That Are Confirmed – iOS 13 Features

20 New Features of iOS 13 – Can’t wait for the new iOS 13. before releasing the new iOS 13, you should know its amazing new features & changes. today We’re talking about the upcoming iOS 13, now we’re just a few days away from the release of the first beta of iOS 13, and here are the top 20 features that are confirmed coming to iOS 13. so let’s go further and have a look at these amazing new features of iOS 13.

iOS 13 release date: 3 June 2019

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iOS 13 new features

1: Live Photo

Starting off with live photos wallpaper on iOS 13. you can expect live photos wallpaper to be longer that should take up to 10 seconds now. normally, these are like 2 or 3 seconds I believe. but with iOS 13 we will have longer live photos up to 10 seconds.

2: Swipe to type

A new feature is also coming to the keyboard. now we’ll have swipe to type feature on the keyboard. we used to see that on Android keyboards as well as third-party keyboards for iOS. now that will be native with iOS 13.

3: Download manager in Safari

On the Safari app now we will have a section dedicated to download. so you will have the download manager within the Safari app.

4: New widgets panel

The widgets panel is also being redesigned on iOS 13. now you can expect a much nicer and cleaner look on the widgets panel of iOS 13.

5: New sleep mode

On iOS 13, we will also see a new sleep mode that an enhanced like do not disturb mode. this is sleep mode & it will of course probably include “do not disturb” and some extra features as well.

6: New animations when opening & closing apps

Also, there will be new animations when opening & closing apps. going to the app switch, going out of the apps switch & closing apps all that. so new animations coming to iOS 13.

7: Dark mode

Of course, the long-awaited dark mode is also coming to iOS 13. we have smart invert, for now, that’s not truly a dark mode. but you can expect a full dark mode to come to iOS 13.

8: New volume hud

Another huge change is, of course, the volume hud. we had old for years & now a lot of people wanted Apple to change that and now it’s changing with iOS 13. so you will have a new volume hud.

9: Screen time feature

There’s a new feature coming also to the screen time feature of iOS. now on iOS 13 parents will be able to restrict who their children can contact.

10: Font management setting

Within the settings app of iOS 13, now we will have a new setting that will be a font management setting that will be included and will have a separate section on the settings app.

11: New multitasking feature

There are also new features dedicated to the iPad. you can expect new multitasking features for the iPad to come with iOS 13.

12: Support for a USB mouse

On the iPad, you can also expect to see support for a USB mouse. now, you want to use the mouse with your iPad. now you will be able to do that from iOS 13.

13: Redesigned share sheet

The iOS shares sheet is also expected to be redesigned and will have a much nicer and cleaner look on iOS 13 that’s of course based on the leaks and reports that we had recently for iOS 13. so you can expect a totally different share sheet.

14: Combine app “find my friends & find my iPhone”

A new app coming to iOS 13 will be an app that will combine find my friends and find my iPhone. so that will be a new app coming to iOS 13.

15: New features on iMessage

The iMessage app will also get new features. now, on iMessage, you will be able to assign a profile picture for your contact. so that will be a new feature coming on iOS 13 on the iMessage app.

16: UI redesign

Of course, the UI redesign. so you can expect a few changes within the UI of iOS 13. hopefully, some redesigns of the icons and maybe also some other tweaks on the UI.

17: New design health app

New features and new design and changes are also coming to the health app. so with iOS 13, we will see a new health app.

18: New features in the mail app

In iOS 13, you will have a new mail app & new features of the mail app as well.

19: Redesigned reminders app

The reminders app will also change in iOS 13.

20: Redesigned iBooks

Also, the iBooks app now with this it’s just book. so that will be redesigned as well.

The Conclusion

So that is it for this article guys. these are the top 20 new features that are coming to iOS 13. now based on reports and leaks very specific reports I believe that all these new features all coming to iOS 13. We will have to wait and see about that. but I truly believe there will be a part of iOS 13. we will see that in about 10 days from now. so that’s it thanks guys for reading this article & being with us. I hope you guys enjoyed the article. so share this post if you enjoyed it. also, don’t forget to visit daily on this website for reading more new & helpful articles.