10 Unknown features of iPhone that You Should start using [NEW]

10 Unknown Features of iPhone – Today I will show you guys 10 unknown features of the iPhone that you should start using right away on your iPhone. these are 10 features of the iPhone that most of them are hidden and not a lot of people know about. but they are very useful and will make your life much easier. so if you are going to buy a new iPhone then first read this article.

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10 Unknown Features Of iPhone

1: Shortcut to open link in new tab

On safari when you’re browsing anyone to open something on a new tab then, of course, you need to tap and hold the link that you want to know in the new tab then it shows you the menu and you have to tap open in a new tab. but there is a trick to doing that very very fast. all you got to do is just tap with two fingers on the link and it will open it on a new tab.

2: FlyOver

The maps app on iOS has a feature called Flyover. so what this basically does is that it allows you to see the cities in 3d. but now with AR, you can basically walk over the cities using AR and this feature called Flyover.

You can basically turn into Godzilla and just walk over to the cities and explore them. below, I will leave a link to a website, where you can see all the cities in which you can explore and have this feature.

LINK: FlyOver

3: Locations that you have visited

If you go to your settings app and go to privacy then go to location services. if you scroll down and go to system services and go to significant locations then right there you will have to open this using your face ID or passcode. so what you will find here is a list of locations that you have visited.

You will have a list of places like countries and cities that you have visited and if you tap on them then you will see detailed information like streets or places that you have visited.

4: Guide Access

You probably know of the guide access feature on iOS. so if you triple tap on the home button then it will turn on guided access. basically, it won’t allow you to go out of the app. so you give your iPhone to someone to use an app and you want to lock that app then you can do that.

To unlock it, you will have to triple tap again and then enter the guide access passcode and then click end. but there is a faster way of doing that instead of triple tapping to turn off guide access just double tap and use face ID. so just double tap and use face ID and you will see guided access has been ended and you don’t have to go through all those steps.

5: Quickly disable face ID

On the lock screen when you have face ID enabled then you can quickly disable Face ID. so for any reason, you want to disable the face ID. all you got to do, on the lock screen, is just tap and hold the volume button each one of them and the power button tap and hold them for a couple of seconds then it will show you the menu. once you click cancel then the face ID will be turned off.

6: Use face ID for other stuff

If you go to your settings and go to face ID and passcode settings. actually, you can set to use face ID for other stuff and not unlocking your iPhone. so you can have face ID enabled for like iTunes or Apple pay. but not for the lock screen. so you don’t want to use the face ID on the lock screen and you want to use your passcode then you just go ahead and disable it and you can still keep it enabled for other stuff

7: Faster face ID

If you want to have the faster face ID then make sure you turn off “require attention for face ID“. this basically won’t require as much attention. you don’t have to have your eyes wide open and staring at the iPhone to basically unlock your iPhone. just go ahead and disable it right there and it will be much much faster.

8: Delete all the emails at once

The next feature will allow you to basically delete all the emails at once. just go ahead tap the edit button then go ahead and select one of the emails and tap & hold the move button and then unselect that email and once you release the move button then you will see right there it will show you all the messages selected. all you gotta do is just tap on the trash button and it will trash all the emails.

9: Camera feature

On the camera app, when you’re taking a picture like an overhead. you can make sure that there is that is straight. so basically, what you need to do just go ahead go to the settings then go to the camera and enable the grid and then you will get a plus sign right there. so there is the yellow one and a white one. so when you’re moving your camera once it turns yellow all the way then you know it’s straight and you can go ahead and take your picture.

10: Find out the recent tabs

Last but not least another Safari trick. so when you go to the tabs on Safari and then you want to find out the recent tabs that you have closed. just go ahead and tap and hold the plus button right there and it’ll show you all the recently closed tabs.

The Conclusion

So that is it for this article guys. these are 10 unknown features of the iPhone that you should use on your iPhone. thank you guys for reading this article. I hope you guys enjoy the article and if you like this post then please don’t forget to share this article with your friends, family members, and on social media and also visit daily on this website for reading new & helpful articles.