New! Top 5 iOS 13 Features & Changes that you should know

iOS 13 Features & Changes – Hello guys, Today we’re talking about the upcoming iOS 13. now we are less than a month away from the first beta of iOS 13 and there have been a lot of reports and rumors and also leaks regarding the features that are coming to iOS 13. so here are five of the biggest features and changes that we know are coming to iOS 13.

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iOS 13 features

1: Change Volume Hood

iOS 13 features

Starting off with a volume hood, for a lot of years now a lot of users have requested Apple to change the volume hood. now it has been the same for a lot of years and it’s really not functional. it takes a lot of space on your screen and whether you’re gaming or watching a video whatever you’re doing will take a ton of space on the screen and it’s really not necessary having that volume hood on iOS.

Finally, the reports say that Apple will change that with iOS 13. of course, on iOS 13, Apple will focus more on changes in design and that stuff.

So hopefully, that will also change so the rumors and reports claim that there will be a new volume hood. hopefully, it will be smaller and maybe even we can customize it like changing its size or maybe its position on the screen. so that we get what we want and not have that volume hood interrupting us all the time in the middle of the screen.

2: Dark Mode

iOS 13 features Another feature requested for a long time is the dark mode. so with iOS 11 and now iOS 12, we have that smart invert which is kind of like a dark mode. but not really a true dark mode. Apple doesn’t call it the dark mode but it’s a step in the right direction and now the reports say that Apple is finally bringing the dark mode on iOS 13. hopefully, that will be included on the first beta or even on the first public release of iOS 13.

Because from previous experiences features like big features that Apple introduces on iOS 13 with the first beta then they just basically remove them and release them later. for example, let’s say like iOS 13.1 or 13.2.

So you will have to wait and see when Apple will release it. but the reports say that that’s a confirmed feature for iOS 13. so you can expect the dark mode to come to iOS 13.

3: Redesigns The Apps

We also have a ton of reports regarding the redesigns of the apps. so you can expect apps like reminders, files, find friends, and find my iPhone will be basically one app.

So you will have “find friends and find my iPhone all in one app together. so that will be of course the totally new app on iOS probably. it will also have another name then you can also expect the files app to have more features and also a small redesign and also there will be other stock apps of iOS that will be redesigned including the reminders.

4: New Gestures

On iOS, you probably know that there is a feature that you can shake your iPhone to undo a text or anything that you do on your iPhone. now with iOS 13th, reports say that there will be new gestures that will allow you to do that. so you can go ahead and just tap with three fingers on the keyboard area and slide left or slide right to undo or redo your action.

Right now reports say that will be a feature of the iPad. hopefully, it will also come to the iPhone. but the reports say that will be only a feature for the iPad. so let’s see what Apple will do with that should be on the iPhone as well. it would be really really helpful.

5: Home Screen Redesign

Last but not least is the iOS 13 redesign home screen. I know a lot of people will be excited about that. we have basically the same design for a few years. but now with iOS 13, Apple will focus more on the redesign of iOS and we should see some redesign stuff on the home screen.

Hopefully, on the control center or even within the apps. hopefully, the settings app or all the camera app and all the stock apps that we use the most.

So we basically have the same app for a lot of years. now hopefully, iOS 13 will make a change, and as reports say there will be a redesign of the homescreen. let’s hope Apple will take that action through all these apps and just have a fresh new look on iOS.

The Conclusion

So that’s basically it for this post guys. these are 5 major features that you can expect to come to iOS 13. basically, all these features have been reconfirmed by a lot of rumors reports and leaks for iOS 13. I hope you guys enjoyed the article and if you like this post then please share it everywhere and I’ll give you every update about iOS 13. so, don’t forget to visit daily on this website for reading new and helpful articles.