10 Must needed apps for iPhone – Download from the App store

10 Must needed apps for iPhone – Hello guys, today I will show you guys 10 must needed apps for iPhone that you must have on your device and you probably never heard of them but they are very useful apps. these are apps that are not that famous but they are really must needed apps. so without wasting any more time, let’s go ahead and have a look at these must needed apps that you can download for free from the App Store.

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10 Must Needed Apps For iPhone

1: WiFi Mouse(keyboard trackpad)

WiFi Mouse(keyboard trackpad), this app allows you to control your laptop or your PC using your iPhone. so basically all you need to do is once you install this app then it will show you on the screen, a website where you can go and download the server for your laptop or your PC, and then all you need to do is just make sure you have both of them connected to the same network your iPhone and your PC and then you will be able to go ahead and use this app as a trackpad for your PC and of course you can also use the keyboard.

So you can use the keyboard of your iPhone to type anything you want on your laptop or PC. you will also have other features as well. so you can buy those features. like, game mode, you can buy like controllers and all that stuff for your PC using your iPhone.

LINK: WiFi Mouse(keyboard trackpad)

2: Brightly – Fix Dark Photos (best iPhone apps 2019)

Brightly – Fix Dark Photos, so what this app does is that it allows you to brighten up your picture, so it will do everything automatically and won’t just brighten up your pictures. but will make them look really really good.

Of course, you will have other tools in the app as well. so you can go ahead and change the contrast, the structure, the serration, and you can go ahead and change the shadows, highlight, vibrance all that.

So all of this will be done automatically by the app. but of course, you will have there the option to go ahead and change them manually as well.

LINK: Brightly – Fix Dark Photos

3: 1Blocker Legacy

1Blocker Legacy is an ad blocker that you can download for free. but it has a few premium features as well, which have to be paid for.

You can block different content using this app. the first one right there will block ads and the free version allows you just to use one list at a time.

So if you enable one list then you won’t be able to enable the other ones. you will have to go to premium for that.

So basically, you will have some presets right there like block ads & block trackers. you can go ahead and block anti adblock, you can also block widgets from Twitter or Facebook, you can block adult sites, & all that stuff. you can also configure different lists. like, you can block any URL that you want, you can block cookies, you can go ahead and add sites to the whitelist there, and anything you want. of course, before enabling this you will need to go to settings then go to Safari and go ahead and just go to content blockers and make sure you enable 1Blocker Legacy in order for this app to work within Safari.

LINK: 1Blocker Legacy

4: Paste 2

Paste 2 and this one allows you to manage your clipboard. so everything that you copy on your clipboard will be saved within this app and you could come back later to it and copy back to your clipboard anything that you need that you had previously copied and it also has a very useful widget.

LINK: Paste 2

5: Music Volume Booster

Music volume booster, this one will allow you to boost the volume of your music. so it will have different sources, you will have Spotify, Dropbox, and of course, the iTunes media library that’s the songs that you have on the music app of iOS. of course, it’s not recommended that you play this all the way up.

Because it will damage the speakers of your iPhone. so just be careful with this if you play around with it too much and keep it high for a long time. it will damage the speaker so be careful while using it.

LINK: Music volume booster

6: Heart rate monitor

Heart rate monitor and this app will measure and monitor your heart rate. so all you need do is just place your finger on the camera of your iPhone and tap the start button and it will start measuring your heart rate and will show it. so it has a bunch of cool features, which are free. but it has also a few paid features so if you go to insights then this will be premium. so basically you will have to pay to get this feature. but you also will have analytics, which are free, and then you also will have different workouts. so that’s really amazing, you will have a bunch of different workouts that you can perform at your home.

LINK: Heart rate monitor

7: Blender Video Editor/Converter

Blender Video Editor/Converter is a very useful app. it allows you to perform a bunch of actions on your videos. like, you can transfer a video to this app and it will convert it into a gif file or it can place an image and can convert it into a gif file. you can go ahead and turn video to audio, you can cut, you can capture & of course, you can go ahead and change the speed of the videos, you can add watermarks filters, you can merge videos put them in the reverse anything you want with this app.

LINK: Blender Video Editor/Converter

8: Full Battery – Saver Boost

Full Battery – Saver Boost and this app will show you a ton of information regarding the battery of your iPhone and your iPhone in general. so if you want to open the app then you will see the current storage of your iPhone, it will show the battery percentage and of course the standby time right there. also, it will show you different useful tips which will help you improve the battery life of your iPhone and that’s really really awesome very useful to know these awesome tips that will increase the battery life of your iPhone then you will have disk storage. so if you go to disk storage then it will show you all that is taking space on your iPhone. it will show you all the info. so that’s really great as well.

LINK: Full Battery – Saver Boost

9: Quicky – Fast app & website launcher with 3D Touch

Quicky – Fast app & website launcher with 3D Touch. so basically what it allows you to do is that you can use this app the icon of this app to force touch on it and then it allows you to open other apps.

For example, if you select a few apps and then when you go out of this app then you can 3d touch on the icon of this app and it allows you to open those apps from here. it has a paid version & the free version, the free version I believe it allows you for only like four apps. if you have the paid version then you can add even more.

LINK: Quicky – Fast app & website launcher with 3D Touch

10: JourneyCalc – Cost Calculator

JourneyCalc – Cost Calculator and this app allow you to calculate how much a trip will cost you. so just open the app and then you will see two options, you will have their Imperial for the UK and then you will have also the US. so you will have also different options, you will have miles per gallon. you can go ahead and basically calculate the miles per gallon, liters & miles and you also will have a converter. so basically you can convert anything that you want. like, distance, measurement, efficiency anything that you want.

LINK: JourneyCalc – Cost Calculator

The Conclusion

So that’s it for this article guys. these are 10 awesome must needed apps that you can download from the App Store and probably you never heard of them but they are the best iPhone apps for free. so I hope you guys enjoyed the article and if you like it then please share this post & also visit daily on this website for reading new articles.