Top 12 hidden features of the new iOS 12 **You should know**

iOS 12 Hidden Features – Hello guys, today we are gonna talk about the new iOS 12 and will show you 12 hidden features of the iOS 12 that you should know before upgrading your old iOS version into the iOS 12. as you all know that Apple has released iOS 12 and here are some hidden features of the iOS 12. so let’s go further and have a look at these amazing hidden features.

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12 Hidden Features of iOS 12

1: Set Up The Second Face

Face ID on iOS 12 now allows us to set up the second face. so if you have already set up your face and then you can go ahead and set up another one. so you can have another face the second one set up only face ID.

2: Search Songs Using Their Lyrics

The new music app of iOS 12 now will allow you to search for songs using their lyrics. so normally you would search for a song by the name of the artist or the title of the song and now you can do it using the song’s lyrics.

3: Enable Automatic Updates

iOS 12 now gives you the option to enable automatic updates. so if you go to settings and you go to software updates here you will find automatic updates. if you turn this on then iOS will automatically update without notifying you.

4: The New Battery Details

The new battery details. if you go to your settings app and you go under the battery section now you will notice here you will have the two charts that will show you the battery level and the activity. so you will have there the last 24 hours and then you will have days right there. so you will see there two different charts and also it will show you screen on the screen off time. so these are new to iOS 12 and you will find them under the battery section on the settings app.

5: Easy Way To Close Apps

iOS 12 makes it way easier to close apps on the iPhone 10 and now on iOS 11 you had to hold the app card and wait for that minus sign to show up and then you can click it or swipe up the card. but on iOS 12 all you have to do is just simply swipe up the app card.

6: Quickly Scan QR Codes

On the control center of iOS 12, you can find now a new toggle which allows you to quickly scan QR codes. so if you go to the control center then there you will have a toggle right there just tap on it and it will take you directly to the camera to scan the code. you can enable that by going to settings then go to control center and then go to customize control center and you will find that toggle right there just enable it and you will find it then on the control center.

7: Enable USB Accessories

iOS 12 now allows the enable USB accessories under the passcode section. so basically what this does is that it will require to unlock the iPhone to allow USB accessories to connect to your iPhone when it has been more than one hour since the last unlock of your iPhone.

8: Muting Notifications

When you go to your control center on iOS 12 and you force touch on the do not disturb button now you will have the options here to enable it for one hour or until this evening or if you have location services turned on you can enable it until you leave a certain location.

9: Podcast App Settings

On the iOS 12, if you go to settings and go to the podcast then you will have there two options for the skip buttons, which allow you to customize the skip time. so this by default it used to be on iOS 11. I think it was 15 seconds backward and forwards there were 50 seconds. but now on iOS 12 you can go ahead and customize that from 10 seconds up to 60 seconds.

10: Force Touch To Move Cursor Anywhere

You know devices with forced touch have that option of the trackpad on the keyboard. all you have to do is just force touch and you can move the cursor anywhere you want. that option is also enabled on all the devices now without force touch. all you have to do just tap and hold the keyboard and it will enable the trackpad.

11: Widget For Screen Time

Now on iOS 12, there is a new widget for screen time. so if you set up the screen time under settings then you will have a widget right there which will show you the screen time all those detailed information. so if you care about that just go ahead enable screen time from the settings and enable the new widget right there will find it and you will see your screen time right there from the widget.

12: Airdrop Passcodes

iOS 12 now allows you to airdrop passcodes to your friends. so if you go to settings and you will have passwords an account set. all you have to do is just go to the password section right there. so just tap it there and hold and you can see you will have the option to airdrop it.

In The Conclusion

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