How to customize iPhone on iOS 12 without any jailbreak

Customize iPhone – Hello guys, today we are gonna tell you that how to customize iPhone on iOS 12. guys, have you upgrade your old iOS version into the brand new iOS 12.

If yes then maybe some of you can’t understand that how you can customize iPhone after upgrading into the iOS 12. so guys, we have a step by step guide that helps you to customize iPhone on iOS 12 without any jailbreak.

The customization of iOS 12 gives a better look of your any iPhone. so let’s jump into the guide.

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Customize iPhone on iOS 12

Customize iPhone

as you can see in the image above that on the lockscreen. we have a custom look for the lock the face ID lock right there on the lockscreen. it looks pretty pretty awesome.

So you can have like different shapes right there and you can see on the homescreen that there is no background on the dock. all this done on an iOS 12 device without a jailbreak of course.

so doing these kinds of tricks that give your device a customized look is pretty simple. all you have to do is just open the link that I will leave right down below the paragraph and from there you will go to this website, which allows you to customize your device using these special wallpapers.

Click here:

When you are on the website then you will see that you have different categories right here. so you will have X tile wallpapers, you will have wallpapers that will hide the dock just like you saw there on the home screen and then you will have like wallpapers that will colorize the dark.

You will have like animated wallpapers, theses till live wallpapers are pretty awesome will give you custom animations on the lockscreen.

We will show you that in a bit then you have custom locked wallpapers here and you can expand the bezel give you device like some nice forms. it’s really awesome and you have more here different categories and most of these will work on iOS 12 device.

Basically, all of these that we just mentioned will work on iOS 12 device. you can pick the right wallpaper for the right device and you will get those custom looks and animations on your device.

What you can do with special wallpapers

Customize iPhone

So let us tell you guys what you can do with special wallpapers. you can colorize the background of the dock and add the nice bezel on the iPhone 10, 10s, max and of course Xr on the lockscreen.

You can go ahead and add the same bezel on the lockscreen also you can go ahead and colorize with two buttons on the lockscreen that we have shown you in the image above.

You can completely hide the background of the dock on the home screen of your iOS 12 device. you can add custom animations on the lock screen of your iPhone with these wallpapers.

So these are just some of the nice customizations that you can make on your device using these special wallpapers the website always gets updated with new tricks new wallpapers. So make sure you check it out. it’s pretty pretty awesome.

In The Conclusion

Thank you for reading this article. hope, you can customize iPhone on iOS 12 and if you like this article then please share this with your friends, family members, and on the social media and also visit daily on this website for reading new and helpful articles.