How to change iPhone animation on iOS 12 without jailbreak

Change iPhone animation – Hello guys, this ioscraze come back with another article and today we will show you guys how you can get custom animations when opening apps on your iOS 12 device. guys, we want to tell you that you don’t need any type of jailbreak to do this. now, this is a pretty trick that you can do.

It’s very easy to do and will give you that custom look when you’re opening apps on your iOS 12 device.

We have written an article on this trick while ago on iOS 11 and we were really surprised to find out that the trick is still working even on iOS 12 the final release.

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How to change iPhone animation on iOS 12

Just go to the widgets page. now if you have just a few widgets just enabled a few more just to do this trick and you can remove them afterward of course.

So just scroll down all the way down to the widgets and now just slide from up to down and while the widgets are coming down then tap the search bar and the home button at the same time.

If you have an Apple iPhone 10 or 10 s tap the search bar and swipe up to go home of course.  so you need to do this like just swipe from down to up and tap the search bar at the same time and then you will see the keyboard on your home screen but once it works.

Now we have a new animation now if you want to remove the keyboard right there it keeps showing up it will show up like two or three times until it gets remove completely.

Now you will see now when you open the apps you will see the apps will come from the right side. so we will have a totally different animation on the iOS 12 devices using this trick.

You will see guys that how the apps open totally different from the stock animation that we have on iOS 12 or iOS 11. as I said this trick will work on iOS 11 as well so this trick will stay on your device until you reboot it.

If you want to get rid of it just go ahead and reboot your device and of course if you want to get it back just do this same trick and you will have this custom animation that looks awesome and way different from this stock iOS 12 apps opening animations.

In The Conclusion

So that’s pretty much it. thank you guys for reading this article. we hope you guys enjoy the article. so now you can change iPhone animation on iOS 12.

So go ahead and share this with your friends, family members, and on the social media and help iOS 12 users to change iPhone animation and also visit daily on this website for reading new and helpful articles.we will see you guys on the next one.