How to import music to library on iPhone without iTunes

Hello Guys whats’up, today I am gonna show you. how to import music to the library on your iPhone/iPad. you don’t need iTunes, Computer or Mac to do this.

you can do it with some apps. some time ago, iPhone users are using iTunes to import music to the library on their iPhone, which was a long process.

but this trick is completely easy and secure. it takes just a little time to add mp3 to iPhone. everyone wants to listen to music.

especially when we are taking rest and sometimes we don’t have work to do then we like to listen to music.

some people listen to music while they are walking and running. so we all love music to listen.

Audio explorer is the real alternative of this. it’s compatible with iOS 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.


About Audio Explorer 

import music

AudioExplorer searches the contents of both your App Store and Cydia apps for audio files playable in iOS (mp3, mp4, m4a, wav, caf, aac, adts, aif, aiff, aifc, au, snd, sd2). The results are cached in the iOS library directory for quick loading.

AudioExplorer now also has a built-in file browser that filters out non-audio files and empty folders (with a lookahead of one level), to help find audio files not stored in apps.

AudioExplorer+ finds the same audio files is faster and more responsive. Plus, it has more features, like the ability to import to iTunes or ringtones or open in another app.


Import music to the library on iPhone/iPad or iPod touch

You can use this tweak to import audio or video files to the built-in music library of iPhone iPad and iPod touch.

The advantage of audio explorer is that you cannot only import songs to the music library.

It can also import files into ringtones other tunes podcast and audiobooks.

So go ahead and download and install this tweak. so let me show you that how it works. first of all download some music after that going to open the music through audio explorer.

It will ask you first start search pop-up press the cancel button. it is automatically moving to the file.

So when you see the audio file press that little blue information button on the right side of the file then press add to…

And now it’s your choice you can import song in two different places. do a double touch on a song for edit the title and all that kind of information like album artist blah blah blah.

You can also select album art for the song. after setting the information of the song just press the import button on the top. after that, and now the song is moving done in the music library.


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