How to apps hide on iPhone

Hey guys, In this article, we are going to show that how you can apps hide on iPhone or iPad. app hide in iPhone is really useful for these days.

It has lots of benefits, like, whenever our mom asks for our phone to make a call then firstly, we thinking which app should I hide first tinder or Snapchat.

All of us have some secret and many of them secret are hidden in our mobile and we don’t want that anyone knows our secret.

So we keep them hiding from others, like dating app tinder social sites Facebook, Instagram. We don’t want to show them to others.

However, there are so many ways in Android to hide the app. but many people thinks that there is no way to hide apps on iPhone.

But Which is not, we can hide Apps even on iPhone and sometimes there are some apps on our mobile, which are children like to play so they are take away our phone. well, we don’t want to waste your time so let’s go further.


Apps hide on iPhone through the Restrictions

First of all, we want to tell you that the Restrictions feature is basically Aimed at users looking for parental control.

But we can also use this feature to hide apps on our iPhone.

How to enable Restrictions feature 

apps hide on iPhone


  • Go to the Settings.
  • then go to the General.
  • and then tap on the Restrictions.
  • and now tap at the top Enable Restrictions.
  • When you tap on the Enable Restrictions then it will ask for a passcode.
  • So you must enter the passcode then restrictions feature is enabled.
  • Then you can disable that apps by toggles which you want to hide.


How to Third-Party apps Hide in iPhone

If you are following the method above then you can hide just stocks app. but here we are showing you, how you hide third Party apps.

To hide the third-party Apps

  • Scroll down to the Allowed content sections on the Restrictions page.
  • Tap on the Apps.
  • This feature allowed to hide all the third-party apps.
  • So just Tap on the Don’t Allow Apps.

You can also hide the app based on the age Rating apps.  unfortunately, there is no way to hide the specific apps. but if you want to hide dating apps like tinder by the use “12+” option.

To hide the social apps like Instagram, Facebook etc so you can use the “9+” option. and in the app store,  you can check out the age rating of different apps.

When you disable the app then that app will remove from the home screen of your mobile then those apps can’t get back until you don’t disable the restriction feature through the passcode. Whether you restart your phone.

Unfortunately, by this way, you are not able to hide all the stock apps. but don’t worry, anyone can’t change your apps or device settings.

For example, no one is not able to use your device apps like Twitter, Facebook or also can’t fiddle with calendars, your location service, photos, contacts.


Best way to hide apps ( Stock Apps )

Some iPhone users say that iOS 10 uninstall the stock apps and maybe you also heard that, right? but it’s not true. IOS 10 just hides the app, does not remove the app from your device.

It’s really best and easy method to apps hide on iPhone or iPad. first of all, press and hold that app which you want to hide. and when that apps start shivering then just tap on the cross, then your apps hide successfully.

And whenever you want to get that back then just go to the app store and at the top, search that app and tap on the cloud icon. then you app get install back on your device.

The cloud icon on the app suggests that app is already downloaded on your device.

apps hide on iPhone


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