FINALLY! Apple has released officially iOS 11.4 Beta 5 – Whats New?

Apple iDevice users are busy on the internet to knowing that how iPhone Se 2 might look like. and they are also searching for the features of iOS 12. If seen, there is a flooding on the Internet about the Apple searches. Some days ago, Apple launches iPhone X. and now people wait for iPhone Se 2. so until iPhone Se 2 release, let’s take a moment on the iOS 11.4 beta 5. yes, Apple has released officially beta 5 on 14th may 2018. is This The final Release? so let’s see what’s new in this new beta.

Something a little interesting today happens. it takes 2 gigabytes plus download, which means it is overwriting the entire operating system in iOS 11.4 from a beta 4 to a beta 5. now probably beta testers you haven’t seen this yet as always you can expect this later today or at the latest tomorrow.

But what’s interesting here we have a 2 point + gigabyte download overwriting the entire operating system. but yet this does not appear to be the gold master copy. it’s almost a developer pre-release.

Before the golden master copy and then the golden master copy should be right around the corner or maybe at the end of the week or at the beginning of the next week and then an official release to the public.

Hopefully, you understand what I mean and the reason for me saying that is. because feedback application as you see still on the springboard and if we go over to the build number, we don’t see long build numbers like these on official releases.

Beta 5


It’s gonna be 15F5077a. now although this is a large file that you would download to update to the latest beta. but I can already tell that Apple has been working on a lot of bugs.

You see how the animation is moving along and the actual volume changes with the control. before on iPads, it would freeze and even some iPhones that I’ve experienced this.

It would freeze the volume will not even work at all. but this problem fixed now.

I want to tell you that Apple has been working on fixes airplay too.

I’m happy to report that on this pre-release beta 5. still here also I’m thinking you guys are going to be super happy to know that messages in the cloud.

Although this is not the golden master copy it is still here. so pretty good indication that those two features will be making their way onto the official release with iOS 11.4.

Now If we go ahead and run just a quick Geekbench then we will see what we get in terms. you know performance here on iOS 11.4 what I would call a pre-release for developers before the gold master copy.

After this process finish, here we have the result for beta 540239 on a single core score 10270 on the multi-core score. so you need to take a look at the history this is going to be beta 4. then you will see a slight improvement in terms of the scores.

Beta 5

But nothing drastic the CPU everything is running very very well, everything looks very smooth in beta for Apple would get adjust a few things. we did have a few bugs that I mentioned but they’re fixed.


Here is a list, What’s new in iOS 11 beta 5

  • AirPlay bug fixed when trying to send a video that’s not fullscreen.
  • The icons of Camera and Settings get tweaked.
  • The new tutorial screen on the iPad for the Dock and app switcher.
  • You can now swipe to open the cover sheet, instead of just tapping open.
  • New camera level feature when taking downward-facing pictures.
  • Dragging items to Calendar app bug now fixed.
  • The new tutorial screen within the Camera app for Portrait Mode on iPhone 7 Plus models.
  • iCloud Messages will be removed. But Apple says it will return in a future update.
  • animated signal icon to easily access AirPlay-connected devices.
  • Ability to take Live Photos within FaceTime.
  • The music widget within Control Center gains an animated signal icon to easily access AirPlay-connected devices.


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