Download Better badges and Customize your iPhone’s notification badges

Download Better Badges – Hello everyone, today we are gonna show you that how to customize the iPhone’s notification badges with the better badges. have you tired by seeing the old home screen on your jailbreak iPhone’s then we have a massive update called better badges, which gives a better look to your iPhone’s.

Better badges allow you to customize the badges. maybe previously you have never heard about this type of app. because it’s launch some days ago. with the better badges, you can customize your iPhone’s notification badges and gives them different shapes and sizes to augment the aesthetic and you can give different colors to the notification badges. if you are using themes on your handset then you will definitely try this tweak.

You can use this tweak on iOS 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 version as well. but for using this tweak first you have to jailbreak your iPhone then you are good to go. so let’s go further and have a look on the download this tweak guide.

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How to download Better badges

You can download this tweak from the Cydia. but if you can’t find this tweak on the Cydia then we have an alternative way that helps you to download this tweak. so first of all, go to the Safari browser and type and hit the search button and when you are on the website then you will see a search box at the top right side corner and search Betterbadges and then you will get this tweak. so click on the icon then it will redirect you on the next page then click on the download button.

We have left two below the paragraph to download this tweak and if you click on any link below then you will redirect on the downloading page.

1: Click here to download 1.4 version

2: Click here to download 1.5 version

Now let’s talking about how to use this tweak. however, it’s really simple to use. so let’s have a look on using this tweak guide.

How to customize notification badges

  • First of all, going to the settings of this tweak and enable it
  • When you enable it then you have 4 sections
  • The first section is the General section and In the 1st section, you will have the better mode. so if you toggle the switch then you can use swipe of icons to show and hide badges
  • Next, you will have Match App color and if you enable it then you can match the average color of the application icon
  • After this, you have Background blur to Add blur to the background
  • Then you have border toggle
  • For the Better mode you have also a particular section and if you enable it then there is now swiping needed to show badges
  • In the 3rd section, you have Shape and in this section, you give your icon circular or rounded shape
  • Now the last section we have Color, where you can change the background color, text color, border color, and default folder color

In the conclusion 

Thank you guys for reading this article. the better badges give you a new notification badge experience on iOS. you can download it free from the Cydia and if you are not able to find it then you can follow our alternative way to download it and again it works with all jailbroken iOS 7-11 handsets.

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