Amazing apps – Top 10 Apple iOS apps of 2018 – you should install

Amazing apps – Hello readers, today we have discovered 10 amazing apps for the iOS device and we want to share these top 10 amazing apps with our readers. so in this article, we are showing you the best apps of 2018. so if you are using iPhone X then you should definitely try these apps on your device so let’s go further.

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Amazing apps for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

1: Pro Cam

Now first up I’ve got pro camera, well iPhone X certainly has one of the best cameras and the default camera app Blacks manual controls. for pro photographers looking for manual camera pro cam have the best manual camera settings to get you best out of your phone’s camera.

You can control settings like exposure, ISO, shutter speed white balance, focus, and others and from here also you can add a gird leveler, which is pretty handy as well as choose from different camera modes like the slow shutter, time-lapse and 3d which is a great addition.

But you’ll need a 3d glass to view it. additionally, you can shoot in RAW as well overall the UI is pretty straightforward. you can choose between the dual lenses and from the settings. you can tweak your cameras and video modes.

2: PDF Element

now moving on we’ve got PDF element. PDF element helps you manage all your PDF files or even create one. you can create PDFs either from taking a picture or import any picture from the gallery to create its PDF version. additionally.

You can copy a PDF from your computer via Wi-Fi as well. moreover, PDFs can be edited like underlining, highlighted, adding text, or comments and so on you can also edit the contents of your PDF, which is really handy.

So if you use your iOS device for office this is the great app to help you manage your PDFs.

3: Launchpad

Next up we have the launch pad. now, this is an amazing app that helps you create music. if you’re into music production then you must be knowing that the app name resembles an essential tool for all the music creators.

So if you start by selecting different pads so each pad has its own music loop. so you can select these pads according to the music you want to create and it will play these loops simultaneously.

You can use FX while the music is playing as well and give different effects and play around to create some great tunes. ones cool addition here is while using effects. you can force touch to enable or disable it.

Furthermore, you can edit these pads and import a different one change tempo and change the different projects according to your preference. you can start recording a tune.

4: Enlight

Next up for photo editing, we have Enlight. this app will definitely enhance your picture plus the desktop great tools gives you more flexibility.

You have various tools like the canvas to adjust the ratio of your pictures, image tool for all the adjustments, various filters for distinct effect, tools like the mixer to merge two pics, artistic effects and so much more.

Basically, you can play around to create amazing pictures as you get tons of options to explore. similarly, if you’re into double exposures and layers you can try photo fox.

Basically, you can merge multiple pictures to create amazing double exposures. you have all the options like layers, blending modes to special effects, brushes, fonts, tonal adjustments, and so much more.

You can play around with these settings and create stunning images combining a landscape and a portrait or vice versa. this app gives you endless possibilities.

5: Film Make Pro

Similarly, for video editing, we have Film Maker pro. basically, this is a video editor with powerful tools and simple user interface.

Apart from regular controls that is trimming and adding a transition. you can change its color, adjust the white balance, add animated stickers text etc.

Moreover, if you want to give you a video a cinematic feel then you can add your music as well. so all in all a pretty powerful video editor right on your phone.

6: Best Game Wallpaper

Game-themed or gaming wallpapers. it has a huge collection of pictures and game art from different games and while setting wallpaper you get to choose different effects to suit your taste.

Similarly, we have wallpaper for abstract, satellite images, categorized into different sections.

We have planets, abstract, water images taken from drones etc. really high-quality images and a must-have.

7: Facts

Next up for your daily facts, we’ve got facts. basically, this app gives you facts. so you can learn different facts on a daily basis and also save the facts as a picture.

If you want to set a reminder then you can set a reminder to alert when new facts are available. additionally, you can change the layout on how the facts are shown.

8: Clips 

Next up we’ve got clips. this app is great to make fun videos. you can add different filters, labels, stickers, emojis and also add a subtitle that will auto analyze the word your speaking and record accordingly. you can also add posters, which give a new way of shooting.

Once you’ve shot your video then you can edit them further add your own music to your scenes and create amazing stories for your snapchat or Instagram stories and what’s exclusive to the iPhone 10 is the features named scene.

It uses the sensors of the front camera and gives you the immersive background of different kinds of making. it looks like your part of the scene it’s really fun.

9: AR App

Since AR is quite a hyper. let’s talk about a few AR apps and games. this AR app allows you to add holographic elements for your photos and videos.

It’s quite a fun I have to use especially with kids. similarly, for games, we have AR dragons, where you place your dragons and take care of it. it’s quite a unique experience.

10: Z G Revenant 

next up we got a Z G revenant. you need to move your Phone in order to explore the map and attack zombies quite as fun and engaging as well.


Thank you for reading this article guys, so guys, if you are thinking to buy new iPhone X or already use it then I want to tell you that these amazing apps are the best of 2018 and you should install and try these. hope you will like these amazing apps and article.

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