How to change all apps icon shape On iOS 11.4 & iOS 12 * NO Jailbreak *

Change all apps icon shape – Hey guys whats up, hope you all will be fine. so today we want to share with you our new article and in this article, we are gonna show you that how to change all apps icon shape on your iPhone and iPad.

You can do it without jailbreaking your device and this trick also will work on iOS 11.4 & iOS 12. If you are tired of seeing these icons again and again then why you don’t customize them.

Yeah now it’s possible, sometimes ago there were so many things that we can’t change on iPhone but now that’s possible. of course, this process is very simple. but as always when you’re doing something that you can only do on a jailbroken device when you do it on the device that is not jailbroken it always has a trick up its sleeve to achieve that.

So without wasting any more times guys, let’s go further.

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How to change all apps icon share on the iOS device

Step: 1

So Firstly, connect your iOS device with a Wi-Fi connection and if you want to use your mobile data then you can use it. after that go to any internet browser. but I recommend you to use the Safari browser. when you are on the browser then type in the search box and I have left a link below the paragraph that bring you directly on the website.

Click Here:

all apps icon

When you are on the website then tap on the download button then it will show you an ad. so let’s just wait for the ad and skip it and then we can continue with the installation process.

After 5 seconds just click here on skip ad. it will take you to another tap. but you just go ahead and go right back to that same tab.

And here what you need to do is just tap the share button and go ahead and add it to the home screen of your device. just add a name here whatever you want to click add and now you’re good to go. you will have it right there on the home screen.

You can open it by just tapping on it and here can find different themes by tapping in the middle tab below and you can see different shaped icons. keep in mind that these have a black background these themes basically the icons have shaped that way with a black border in order to get that look.

So you have a few here that have different colors. so if you go to anyone then you will have different colors ( black, red, blue, and purple ) that you can download.

Step: 2

So if you download this in any colors then it will add these icons to the home screen of your device. just click along right here click install again click on install button then once again installed and you’re good to go.

Now what you need to do is go back then you will see wallpaper needed to go ahead. go ahead and click there and it will show you the wallpapers that you need for these themes.

So if you downloaded the blue theme then you can download the blue wallpaper for it, if you like. so just save the image and set it as a wallpaper of your device and if you apply the wallpaper you will get awesome look on the home screen of your device and there are no labels as well, of course, these icons you know by now the icons that we get without the jailbreak won’t actually replace the true icons.

but they will just redirect you to those apps. so they are like a duplicate of the icons. but they work and won’t actually replace the original icon of the app.

So if you want to delete it you just go back to the profiles and you can delete it from there just staff here click to remove the profile and those icons will be completely remove from the home screen of your device.


So that’s pretty much it for this article guys thank you for reading. now you can change all apps icon on your iOS device and I hope you guys enjoyed the article.

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