Best Apple iPhone apps – Download these 5 cool apps now for the iOS device

Best Apple iPhone apps – Hello guys, today we are coming back with some best Apple iPhone apps.  if you are like to download new apps on your iOS device like me then you will really like these best Apple iPhone apps. some of these apps you can find on the Android also. Guys, we don’t want to waste your important time so let’s go ahead.

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5 Best Apple iPhone apps you should download now

1: Google Tasks 

Best Apple iPhone apps

The first app is Google task. this one’s really basic and it’s actually by Google and it’s like the name suggests is a tasks app, where you can basically just kind of make a very basic checklist and it’s not as powerful as some other checklist you might see. it’s just dead simple design.

It looks really nice and you can actually create subtasks. so if you have a multiple part thing you need to do and you want to be able to break it down and make it more manageable.

You can create the main tasks and then add subtasks and check those off one at a time and you can also add a little bit more information like details that will show up in the list and a date that it’s due for example and it will also sync between devices.

So that’s really nice. if you download it even on android there’s the android version. it’ll show it if you add something on the iOS app.

So this is it’s very basic it’s almost like a demo that Google made. I don’t know if they’re gonna really keep up with it or add much stuff to it .but if you just want a super simple thing that you can use this might not be a bad idea.

2: Workflow

Best Apple iPhone apps

Second is workflow and this one gonna be kind of hard to explain. because it’s actually really powerful.

But I’ll try my best and it basically lets you create automated macros. if you know what is its kind of like being able to program different actions on your phone to simplify certain tasks. so you don’t have to keep doing it. so what do I mean by that? well, when you open up the interface.

You can create an action and then it’ll give you a list of all sorts of things it can do. so, for example, take a photo and then it’ll add that to the list of actions.

It’ll do in order or another one is like copy a URL or take something from the clipboard a lot of different stuff and then you can set the order and it will automate and do those things when you click play.

It has one that lets you make a gif. so what that does is the first action is taken photos and you can select how many photos three and then it will make a Gif from those photos automatically and then the next thing we’ll do is show preview.

Then it’ll let you see the thing and then finally it’ll prepare it into a message to send to someone. so this lets you literally click play and then automatically in one fell swoop create a Gif out and send it to someone.

So that’s just a very basic example and even with that one, there’s a ton of other actions. you can do so instead of sending it to a friend through a message. you can have it post Instagram or airdrop or upload the image to imager or resize the Gif.

3: Stringify

Best Apple iPhone apps


Number third this one’s is stringify and this oner’s also really powerful and it’s kind of similar to what we just talked about with workflow except for this one mostly focuses on like home automation devices and stuff. this one like real life actions in your house.

If you’ve ever heard of an app called if this then that it’s kind of similar to that where it ties together a whole bunch of different services like a nest.

You can log in and control your nest devices or like Phil too or anything else and then you can basically use this stringify app to create automation based on any of these connected services and have it do multiple things in sequence.

When you do this you create a so-called flow and like the name suggests you basically just have an ordered list of actions for what you want it to do first and how you want to respond if something else happens again kind of like programming with real life.

But what I really about this and what you might not have realized it. if you have an amazon echo then you can really take advantage of this. because the flows actually are able to be use as virtual devices in a routine with amazon echo.

4: Airmeasure

All right coming near the end we got a couple more and number nine is Airmeasure and this is another one that uses augmented reality. so you might need a relatively modern iPhone that supports the AR kit.

But hopefully it’ll work anyway and what this app does is uses the augmented reality API and the camera in your phone to actually measure distances and sizes of things in real life just by pointing the camera at it. but it also has a ton of other tools you can use as well.

5: Tab

Best Apple iPhone apps

Finally, number five is a Tab and it’s an app that basically lets you split a bill really easily if you’re in a restaurant with friends. now that sounds like it might be kind of stupid and dead simple. but it actually is a surprising number of convenient features that you might not have thought of.

So basically, what it does is you can actually scan a receipt you take a picture of it and it will automatically recognize the next and basically recreate the line items on that receipt.

You can actually choose who bought what things and it’ll use that in the calculation. so you enter your name and then you can choose which things you bought it’ll add up your total and then it’ll have a share code where if everyone else has the same app

They can literally type that in any kind of share the receipt on their own app or you can manually add everyone and select their items in each tap that way.

But in any case after you do that it’ll split it up and then tell you which amount depending on how much they bought and it also takes into account the tax and the tip and everything like that and also interestingly it kind of ties in with venom that’s like the PayPal app that lets you send money to friends.


Thank you for reading this article these are the best Apple iPhone apps. so don’t wait, just go ahead and download these 5 best Apple iPhone apps and if you like this article then don’t forget to share this with your friends, family members and on the social media and also visit on this blog for reading new and helpful articles.