coolest apps ever – download these 5 apps for iOS device – You’ve Never Heard of!

5 Coolest apps ever for iOS – Hello guys, today I’ve got a list of 5 really coolest apps ever for iPhone. hopefully, that you have not heard of before.

I tried to pick ones that aren’t super popular obviously and most of these are free there’s a couple that might cost a few dollars and even though these are iPhone apps.

Some of them may also be available on Android as well and they can also probably be used on iPad so why don’t we just get started.

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5 Coolest apps ever for iOS

1: Neighbors by Ring

coolest apps ever

The first of these is Neighbors by Ring and I believe this is a relatively new app launched by the company of ring, who makes those video doorbell cameras that basically allows you to see who’s ringing your doorbell and it saves videos.

So you can see if there’s anything suspicious and they actually created the really coolest apps ever that lets you kind of tie in with other people in your neighborhood and see reports that other people can leave for their neighbors.

So say I don’t know a suspicious person comes up to your door and you have a ring doorbell.

you don’t have to have one by the way to use the app.

But if someone does and they get footage of it they can upload it to this app and then everyone around can see and keep an eye out for any person.

Maybe if someone actually broke into their house they can use that for the police as evidence and you can basically just set whatever location you’re in it use your location for your phone GPS.

You can also set a radius for how far away you want to get reports from and it’s actually just really cool and I don’t know how often people will be uploading these depending on your area.

I guess people have to have it in your location or else you’re not gonna get any reports. but it’s still nice and probably especially more useful.

If you actually have a Ring doorbell or one of their cameras and then you can actually share it with other people it might make them more likely to sign up as well.

2: The second cool iPhone app is Skyguide AR

coolest apps ever

Now next up number two, we got one is Skyguide AR and this is actually an app that Apple featured in one of their keynotes and it’s really cool actually.

Basically, it uses the AR kit to kind of overlay constellations and celestial bodies and satellites and that sort of thing over the sky.

So you can actually look through the camera and look at the sky and maybe if you’re in an area with lots of light pollution then you don’t have to worry about that.

You can actually still see constellations and things and it actually works in two different ways potentially either you can use the camera and it will overlay the constellations over the image in the camera

And you can use it without the camera and it’ll just purely use your GPS location and the compass to show you things in the sky and it’s not overlaid.

But you could theoretically just even do it indoors. because it just shows a picture of the sky basically if that makes sense and like I said you can choose a lot of different things you want it to show or not in the preferences, there’s a whole list of toggles.

You can use even things like mythical creatures for the constellations and that sort of thing for like really old times. so it’s pretty cool it does cost a few dollars I believe this one.

So it’s not free, but still pretty cool there might be free alternatives though on the App Store. this one’s definitely the most popular and works really well as well.

3: Habitica ( 5 coolest apps ever for iOS )

coolest apps ever

The third best app for iOS is Habitica and it’s basically a gamified version of a task list or daily to-do list and the idea is that its kind of like an RPG game. so

And you create a character and then to gain experience you do the daily task that you set and you can also choose one-time tasks as well.

If you do these tasks you gain experience for your character and if you miss some of them then you lose experience or health and then you can also use some of that experience like buy upgrades for you and that sort of thing and it’s got some social features as well.

So it’s got like guilds and like a tavern and you can actually invite friends to a party. basically, there’s a group experience pool or something like that.

You can do like boss fights, where I believe everyone has to do all their tasks and then you can beat the boss and get more experience or something like that.

So it’s just kind of a fun way, where you actually do kind of get punished in a way.

If you don’t do the tasks. because your guy will lose experience and you can buy items like health potions and stuff.

If you start doing well again, it’s pretty cool actually.

This one I know is available on other platforms. it’s not just an app there’s also a web interface. so you don’t have to use it on your iPhone.

4: What the font

coolest apps ever

Number four is what the font and it has one very simple purpose and that is to identify what fonts you’re pointing the cameras at. so it’s a really cool feature, where I don’t know.

Maybe, if you’re into design or you see a cool weird font just out in the opens walking around you’re like I wonder what font that is does no one else do that no one.

But you point the camera at it take a picture and then it does have a feature where we’ll automatically try to detect all the characters and text in the image.

But I find that to be like really show barely works. so you can manually select the text and that works a lot better. now it’s not super accurate all the time.

If it’s a custom font like a custom logo there might not be a name for that. but it might just be for that logo. so it’ll try to do its best to find very similar font.

Usually, it is good at least at finding a similar font, where it might be close enough for the purpose of what you want to use with it and the normal also does give you the option to buy the font.

So if you don’t know not all fonts are free. so if you don’t have it on your computer. you can actually buy it and then install it that way.

5: Hologo

Number five another augmented reality app this one is Hologo and it’s basically like an educational lesson kind of thing that uses AR to visually show you a virtual image of whatever lesson is trying to show.

So there are a few different ways you can do it like demos that you don’t require an account and then there are some that you need to sign up to see.

But basically, you download whatever lesson, and then it will show you in the virtual world that you’re pointing the camera at into space and kind of give you a little bit of information.

For example, there’s one that is like geography and it kind of opens a portal looking thing that you can look through and show you like the roman colosseum or whatever pretty cool and then there’s another one that I really like that is like the motor. so it’s like a physics lesson.

The Conclusion

Thank you for reading this article. guys, these are the 5 coolest apps ever for iOS. so don’t wait, go ahead and download these coolest apps ever for iOS.

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