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Apple iPhone Apps – Hello guys, today we have come back with some new apps of 2018. maybe you are not using these apps on your iOS device. so you should try these at least once on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. however, Apple gives us an app store on iPhone. but we can’t find every app on the app store. because apple not allowed the third-party app on the Apple app store and some Apple iPhone apps already delete from the app store. so we have some Apple iPhone apps that you can find on the Apple app store. so without wasting any more time let’s go ahead.

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Best Apple iPhone apps

1: Fetchfeed – Top videos, memes

The first app I’m gonna tell you in this article is fetch feed.

Apple iPhone apps

This is pretty amazing, it will bring all the topics of your interests into one place. you can have your topics right here and you can see photos, videos, memes, gifs everything right here into one place.

So you just go ahead and follow the topics that you’re interested in most and everything will be here.

You can play gifs right here. you will see it right here pretty awesome and if you go lower here and play for example a video right here.

You can see the video starts playing right there and you can take a look at pictures pretty awesome everything of your interest will be into one place here with fetchfeed and if you go to the discovered tab then you will see different categories here, you are one of them and you have different topics that you can go ahead and discover and for the topics that you have followed. you can go to my topics tab and you can also enable or disable notifications for each of these topics.

2: RAW+ Camera

The second app for this article is raw+ camera.

Apple iPhone apps

It’s pretty amazing this is a camera app that gives you manual control of the white balance also the ISO and also this shutter speed of the camera. so you can manually go ahead and control the is all right here.

Here we’ll have the shutter speed and then at the top, you will have the white balance. you can change between different white balances or you can go ahead and enable automatic white balance.  it’s pretty awesome and then you have the settings.

So you can enable the grid or disable it then you have this level, shutter on the left, shadow warning, highlight warning, and all that stuff. so it’s pretty awesome and the app is free.

But I believe the number of pictures that you can take with the free version is limited and then he will have to upgrade. if you enjoy the app.

3: UniChar — Unicode Keyboard

Apple iPhone apps

In the third app for this article is Unichar.

This app allows you to select from a ton of different Unicode characters and use them anywhere you like. so it’s pretty awesome and very easy to use. you can browse the characters right here

For Example:

You can go ahead and search for any character that you want. If you search for the arrow then type arrow in the search box and click on the search button then it will find all the arrows.

So if you tap one of them then it will add to the keyboard. you can go ahead and copy it and then you can use it basically anywhere you want.


Thank you for reading this article. so guys if you are not using these apps then go ahead and use these awesome apps. hope, you will enjoy these amazing apps. so if you like this article then please don’t forget to share this with your friends, family members and on the social media and also visit daily on this blog for reading new and helpful articles like this one.